Durability of Dewalt Work Jackets

Dewalt Work Jackets

Dewalt work jackets are made to withstand even the harshest conditions, keeping you safe, warm, and comfortable in harsh environments and freezing temperatures.

For many professionals, especially those who often work outdoors, a Dewalt work jacket can be a worthwhile investment, providing you with the security you need to keep working rail, hail, or shine while still looking after your health and safety.

How durable are Dewalt work jackets? Here’s what you should know!

What is a Dewalt work jacket?

Dewalt jackets are at the top of the range for heated work jackets!

These jackets are powered by 12V MAX or 20V MAX lithium-ion batteries and use LED controllers to adjust settings and heat distribution. 

With pre-heating capacity, all-day heating, USB power, and electron compatibility, Dewalt jackets make it easy to stay warm in freezing temperatures on a mild, rainy day or a below-freezing excursion in the snow. 

Are Dewalt jackets durable?

Dewalt work jackets are designed to tolerate incredibly harsh conditions, with manufacturers recognise the difficult environments in which many people work.

With water- and wind-resistant materials, Dewalt work jackets can withstand a variety of weather conditions and are made to provide consistent, reliable heating even when ambient temperatures are extreme. 

When washed carefully and looked after well, a Dewalt work jacket can be expected to stand the test of time, even lasting for years. 

Extra jacket features

There are many types of Dewalt work jackets, each design offering different features and attributes to suit a wide range of work types and environments. 

Many Dewalt work jackets are made using polyester and offer three or more core heating zones, with temperature distributing from these points. 

Most jackets can be controlled using an LED remote with three temperature settings and a pre-heating option. 

Jackets usually offer several hours’ worth of battery power, as well as USB compatibility that help you charge your phone if needed. 

How to improve durability

While Dewalt work jackets are made to be durable on their own, there are also some things you can do to improve durability and extend the life of your jacket. 

Above all, it’s essential to maintain an effective cleaning regime for your Dewalt work jacket. Regularly remove mud and grime that may damage jacket materials or compromise heating ability.

Due to the battery components of your work jacket, you must follow cleaning instructions carefully to avoid causing damage. You’ll receive these cleaning and care guidelines alongside your jacket at the time of purchase.

It’s also a good idea to store your jacket correctly. When it is not in use, keep your jacket safely out of the way and away from any potential hazards that may risk damaging it. 

Ensure you charge your jacket entirely before use to get a full day’s heat out before the battery runs out.
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