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Glue plasterboard: How to proceed

Glue plasterboard: How to proceed


1. If you want to glue the plasterboard to a wall, first lay the small wooden spacers flat against the wall on the floor. The spacers indicate where the sheetrock will go, because to prevent sound transmission, the sheets must not reach the floor, but need a gap between the floor and the wall.

2. Accurately measure the area where you want to stick the plasterboard, record all the numbers in height and width as well as around windows and doors. This is particularly important for older walls and ceilings, as these often show deviations and irregularities. Important: Only measure the wall length up to the spacers.

3. In the second step, measure the width and height of the plasterboard – if you haven’t already done so before you bought it. This will tell you exactly how many boards you will need per row and also how much of the plasterboard you will need to cut off when you cut it for your project.

4. Put on the respirator and safety goggles. People who suffer from allergies should also wear gloves. Make sure you use clean work gloves. This will prevent you from sticking to the new plasterboard with adhesive residues on your gloves, for example.

5. Cut the panels to the required length and width you measured for each row. To do this, draw the dimensions and, if necessary, shapes on the sheetrock and then cut them out with a carpet knife. If you just need a straight line, you can score it with a knife and carve the panel to a smooth, stable edge. So the unnecessary part jumps off.


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