What Is Percocet Addiction And Detox?


Percocet is a type of opiate that people may be prescribed as a way to control pain after a serious injury. This particular drug has a variety of ingredients, including oxycodone, opium, and acetaminophen. Most medical professionals agree that it is a good choice in most situations. However, its use of it has to be closely monitored, and the use of it needs to be for a very short period of time.

Studies show that a person can become addicted to Percocet in as little as three weeks after they start using it. Studies also indicate that women are more likely to become addicted to Percocet than men. Younger individuals are also more susceptible, with the average age of addiction being from 18 to 25 years of age. However, this does not mean that older individuals aren’t at risk as well.

There are some serious addiction symptoms that arise when a person is addicted to Percocet. It has the power to alter the brain in a variety of ways. Many people seem to be confused and not fully aware of what they are doing or the environment they are in. This can lead to violence, criminal activities, and other actions that a person will not really remember being a part of later on.

Many people suffer from nausea, excessive thirst, insomnia, dizziness, breathing problems, depression, and liver problems when they have a Percocet addiction. What a person experiences often depends on how long they have been using Percocet and the dosage. Many men will stop producing enough testosterone as well, so then there are issues that arise from their hormones being out of balance. Mood disorders have been associated with the use of Percocet for extended periods of time as well.

When a person is addicted to Percocet, their body will crave it. They will spend most of their time focusing on how to get the drug. It will not be long before they crave larger doses of it to get the same types of effects. This is when many addicts start becoming creative in their efforts to get it. They may engage in illegal behaviors too. In fact, being caught by law enforcement is a common reason why these individuals finally get the help that they need. Percocet is classified as a Schedule 2 substance.

People from all walks of life can become addicted to Percocet. Most of them use it as a means to control pain. However, that quickly spirals out of control for them due to the mental and physical addiction that they develop to it. In-house treatment programs will work to deal with both of these elements of such an addiction.

It can be difficult for a person to stop using Percocet on their own due to the side effects during withdrawal. The detox period is best done under the close supervision of professionals. The sooner a person seeks treatment, the more successful it will be. However, this does not mean a long-term user can’t one day be free from such an addiction with the right treatment program.

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