Reasons To Choose the Best Face Recognition Time Clock

Best Face Recognition Time Clock

During the pandemic, businesses and communities faced a major issue related to their attendance and payroll management process because they were not able to find an alternative way of physical attendance. It is difficult to track the working hours and attendance of employees when they are not physically present in the office. As a result, small business was going through bug trouble during a pandemic, and they failed to update their payroll management software on a regular basis.

Afterward, companies including small businesses started integrating the best face recognition time clock for their employees, and they can now easily track their working hours and update their payroll management software through this time clock. There is no risk of face-to-face contamination, and people can easily maintain the social distancing norms with the best face recognition time clock. A biometric attendance system is known by the people, and you can find such a system in almost every office. But face recognition time clock is a cloud-based system that can detect the face of your employees, enter the entry, and exit time of your employees in your payroll management system, and calculate the salary of your employees automatically. Therefore, it eliminates the need to deal with such things manually.

Best Face Recognition Time Clock
Best Face Recognition Time Clock

What is Face Recognition Time Clock?

Before you search for the best face recognition time clock, you need to know the functions of such clocks. It is a part of the biometric attendance system, which calculates the attendance of the employees automatically. Basically, the human body has some unique characteristics, such as fingerprint and retina, and these parts of our body can distinguish us from others.

A biometric attendance system can use such characteristics to recognize your employees. A face recognition time clock is used to capture the photographs of our faces, analyze the characteristics of our faces, and compare such characteristics with the biometric information stored in the server.  Basically, you need to store a picture of your employees on your server, and when your employees face your biometric clock; it will compare and match their faces with their photographs.

Apart from the attendance and payroll management, you can also install the best face recognition time clock at your main entrance and connect it with your CCTVs. It can capture the images at low resolution and transform such images into a higher resolution. Once the facial image is captured, it will determine the size and pose of the head, and it will start to compare your face with the image stored in the server. Make sure, you need to face the camera at a 35-degree angle.

Why Would You Search for The Best Face Recognition Time Clock?

Earlier, people used to run their offices with manual attendance, and it was filled with massive errors. People can manipulate such manual attendance and earn more from your company by giving false attendance. In this case, you can use a biometric attendance system in your office and provide digital access to your employees. They can use their ID card or private pins to enter and exit the office. It will store their data in cloud-based software, and you can easily connect this software with your payroll software to calculate the salary of your employees automatically.

However, there remains a problem that you can face very frequently. If your employees forget to carry their ID cards, they cannot give their attendance to your biometric machine. In this case, you can use the best face recognition time clock in your office because employees cannot leave their faces in their homes, and they cannot skip or manipulate their attendance anymore.

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