Debt collectors chase millions in unpaid hotel quarantine bills

The New South Wales government is chasing people for their unpaid hotel quarantine bills, with a whopping $58.6 million still yet to be settled.

Revenue NSW released information on Friday revealing the state's residents have about $32.1 million owing for their hotel isolation period.

People from interstate who initially landed in NSW and other visitors clocked up a further $26.5 million.

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Anyone who entered Australia from overseas from March 2020 until November 2021 was forced to spend 14 days in hotel quarantine upon arrival into the country in an effort to stop the spread of COVID-19.

While hotel quarantine started off free during the pandemic, the Berejiklian government introduced fees in July 2020.

Thousands of people are now threatening to take legal action to avoid the hefty hotel bills, believing they should not have to pay for the public health measure.

People returning to Australia were required to hotel quarantine for 14 days.

Debt recovery orders have been issued by the state's revenue system for overdue invoices with a total outstanding balance of $52.6 million.

Active repayment plans are currently chipping away at a further $7.4 million worth of debt.

People who have proven they booked their flight to Australia before July 18, 2020, have had their invoices waived – saving a total of $363.7 million.

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