Australia’s future to be discussed after Queen passes, Governor General says

Australia's Governor-General has suggested the country may not continue on as a constitutional monarchy once Queen Elizabeth II dies.

David Hurley was asked about the prospect of Australia becoming a republic when he spoke to reporters outside London's St. Paul's Cathedral after attending the Service of Thanksgiving at the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations on Friday.

He responded that there would be a "new discussion" about Australia's system of Government once the Queen's reign ended.

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Hurley said their was still an "enormous well of emotional support" for the Queen in Australia, but suggested that could change when the monarchy's leadership changes hands.

"I think at the moment people centre on the Queen, and then when she goes, when she passes, then the succession comes in, there's a new discussion in Australia," he said.

Former Governor General Sir Peter Cosgrove agreed Australia's future system of government would be up to the people of Australia, but praised the current system, when he spoke to Today.

"It will always fundamentally be a matter for the Australian people and they rarely get it wrong," he said.

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"Whatever their decision is. One thing I have written about this, is that we've got a very stable parliamentary democracy. We saw evidence of that a couple of weeks ago. We got a new government. Nobody riots in the streets. No turning over cars or burning them any of that sort of rubbish.

"We need to maintain the very best of the system which is responsibility and accountability of the Parliament. Let's not dilute that to some President who suddenly becomes some political figure.

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