Cash back announcement for NSW women undergoing IVF

The NSW government will next year offer a cash rebate for people undergoing private IVF treatment.

Rebates of up to $2000 will be supplied to 12000 people to reduce the "prohibitively expensive" costs.

NSW Treasurer Matt Kean said the $80 million budget package aims to "help families fulfill their dream of having a baby".

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IVF procedure

"No-one should have to face the impossible choice between looking after their household budget and starting a family," Kean said.

With one in every six couples experiencing fertility issues, the process can be emotionally and financially taxing.

One in 20 births across the state currently involves reproductive treatments.

"Fertility challenges can be stressful and heartbreaking," said minister for women Bronnie Taylor.

"I hope that by lowering the cost of treatments, we can help more women on their journey to start a family."

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Embryo selection for IVF, light micrograph.

The fertility package will also provide five days of paid treatment leave for teachers, nurses and other public servants across the state.

The $2000 rebate will open January 1 next year, however women who have undergone treatment from October 1 2022 will be able to submit a claim.

The government will look to extending the amount of applications from 12000 in the future once they can ensure private fees remain low.

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