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Garage door types: An overview of the different systems

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Garage doors come in a variety of designs with different functions. They can be rolled, tilted, pulled, or folded and are available in different materials and colors. While some garages are equipped with an electric drive, others can only be operated manually serve. The individual systems have their advantages and disadvantages, which should definitely be taken into account when making a new purchase. In addition, the garage door is one of the first things people see in front of your property. Appearance also plays a not insignificant role when choosing the right door. In addition to appearance and comfort, however, the security aspect should not be neglected, since the garage at home is primarily intended to protect your vehicle fleet from the weather and unwanted visitors.
In the following article, you will learn which different solutions are available and where the respective advantages and weak points lie.
Garage Door
Garage Door

Special features of the gates

However, before the individual types are listed, we would first like to go into the gates and the different designs that are available to you as a buyer to choose from. The following practical equipment details can also be integrated:

air vents

These ensure adequate ventilation in the garage so that the indoor climate does not become too humid. Corrosion damage is prevented from occurring on parked vehicles. Accordingly, ventilation openings do not necessarily have to be in the structure, but can also be integrated into the garage door at a later date.


If additional windows are installed, these represent a cost-effective and natural type of lighting, which also allows the room to be used as a workshop or hobby room.

wicket doors

To avoid having to open the garage completely to enter, so-called wicket doors are ideal for very wide door openings. They make it possible to get into the premises without any major inconveniences in order to take out items stored in them.

The swing gate

Up and over doors are the most commonly installed systems and are particularly found in garage courtyards or in older housing developments. Its name also describes the opening procedure. It is characteristic of up-and-over doors that they swing forwards and inwards in a large arc. In this case, however, they require a relatively large amount of space. Cars or people cannot stay within this radius, otherwise, they will be damaged or injured. Even minibusses or minivans could be too big for this variant.
Newer models nowadays impress with extremely robust construction, which makes it almost impossible for unauthorized persons to break open the up-and-over door. This is ensured by bolts on the sides, which are placed in such a way that nobody can affect them from the outside. In addition, the locking mechanism is not at floor level, which protects it from dirt and corrosion.


  1. relatively cheap acquisition costs as well as cheaper spare parts and accessories
  2. high burglary protection is possible
  3. extremely robust and durable construction
  4. available both with and without an electric garage door operator


  1. high space requirement
  2. Safety risks when closing and opening
  3. complex installation
  4. limited garage door width

The sectional door

Depending on their size, sectional doors consist of four to six individual elements, which are also called sections and are connected to one another via hinges. The model is particularly popular with housebuilders and is therefore enjoying growing popularity. Since the door is not a rigid surface, but rather flexible thanks to the elements, the elements can easily be guided under the garage ceiling. So-called side sectional doors are also available as a separate version, which is characterized by the fact that they are pushed open to the side.
Compared to the previously mentioned design, the sectional door takes up far less space and also looks a lot better. The door is usually installed behind the garage opening so that the entire headroom can be used. In addition, the subdivision into individual elements enables a significantly smaller swing radius.



  1. more expensive variant
  2. little storage space on the ceiling or the sidewall
  3. Installation only possible for skilled craftsmen with the appropriate experience

The roller door

Roller doors work on a similar principle to roller shutters, which are usually known for windows. The narrow segments roll up and disappear into a box under the ceiling. This type is above all space-saving, relatively inexpensive, and relatively easy to assemble. Various quality and equipment variants also offer further options for upgrading the system in terms of security. Due to the robust nature of the aluminum material, the systems are mainly made of this light metal.
By choosing thicker or thinner slats, you can also focus on the properties of the garage door. Accordingly, stronger lamellae prove to be more stable against external influences. Conversely, due to the higher weight, these require correspondingly more powerful electric motors to operate. In terms of appearance, roller doors are particularly eye-catching, as they are often provided with colorful and eye-catching paint. However, this is a matter of taste and does not appeal to everyone.


  1. Flexible construction, as the roller door can be used in many installation situations
  2. A width of five meters is possible
  3. electric and manual drives are available
  4. Headroom completely usable
  5. little need for space


  1. the variant does not look as good as other systems
  2. Disadvantages of burglary protection
  3. no integration of a wicket door is possible

swing gates

A swing gate is often found in palaces, castles, or estates and represents a classic variant of the garage door. However, thanks to the combination with the latest technology, swing gates are nowadays also suitable as normal doors for the average consumer. They consist of two wings that can be opened either inwards or outwards. This can be freely selected during installation. On the one hand, the two-part construction saves space, on the other hand, it offers the ability to lock the fixed leaf and open the active leaf separately. Due to the enormous weight, however, this system can only be opened or closed with increased effort.
Traditionally, double-leaf models are opened by hand. Alternatively, however, electronic constructions can also be implemented in which the gate leaves are connected via long swivel arms to a pull rail attached centrally to the ceiling. These can then usually be operated with a hand-held transmitter, which enables simple and automatic operation. The rustic charm of this system speaks for itself and makes it a real eye-catcher.


  1. high insulation and safety protection
  2. Storage space available on top and sides
  3. the full height of passage is usable
  4. even if the assembly is extremely complex, swing gates can be electronically retrofitted


  1. expensive acquisition costs
  2. high space requirement in front of the entrance
  3. in winter, snow and ice impede functionality if the area in front of the driveway is not cleared
What should you consider before making a purchase?
As you can see, there is a wide range of different installation systems to choose from and each one has its own advantages and disadvantages. It can sometimes be difficult to decide between the different models and manufacturers. Last but not least, the existing budget and the requirements for the garage door play a decisive role in the purchase decision. In addition, you should consider the following points:
  • Is there adequate insulation, fire protection regulations, and an emergency release in the event of a power failure?
  • Should the garage be free-standing or built directly onto the house?
  • Are there additional costs for dismantling and disposal of an existing system?
The acquisition costs depend on the model, drive type, and desired extras and can therefore vary greatly. In any case, you should not make any compromises in terms of quality and make sure that you only purchase products from proven manufacturers who guarantee consistently high quality. For more information or recommendations on the individual garage doors, please do not hesitate to contact us.
If you would like to retrofit your already installed system, it is also worth taking a look at our online shop! There you will find a selection of our garage door operators, which can be easily and conveniently operated using a hand-held transmitter. We at Garage Doors 101 will be happy to help you and look forward to your inquiry!

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