What’s The Difference Between Semi-Precious And Precious Gemstones?

The term both precious and semiprecious stones revolve around the feeling of brilliance, beauty, and wealth. Gemstones are rocks, minerals, or organic matter that have been cut, polished, and fashioned into a  piece of jewellery. The gemstones were divided into two main categories: precious and semi precious stones considering the differences in their value at that time. But nowadays, That characterization is not always correct since the value parameter is not the only criteria on which experts and gemologists evaluate the worth of a stone. The rarity, quality, and provenance should also be taken into consideration. 


The main difference between precious and semi-precious gemstones is that there are only four precious gemstones that are diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and Emerald Gemstone. Any other gemstone is considered semi-precious such as amethyst, aquamarine, pearl, peridot, opal, alexandrite, rose quartz, turquoise, moonstone, and more.  

Are moonstones considered semi-precious gemstones?

Yes, moonstones are beautiful and enchanting semi-precious gemstones that radiate elegance and beauty.  The appearance of this stone glows and shines in different colors by capturing different lights. Moonstones are generally blue and white but sometimes they can be grey; each moonstone carries some benefits.

Blue Moonstone represents mental clarity and inner vision. It controls the stress and eliminates negativity from the mind of its wearer. White moonstone this moonstone has long been the promoter of love, spiritual purity, magic, protection, hope, and fertility. The Grey moonstone symbolizes good fortune, protection, and wealth. It enhances visualizations, meditation, guided journeys, and more. 


What type of semi-precious stones is most popular?

Whilst all semi-precious gemstones look enchantingly beautiful, each one carries a different meaning and can become sentimental and precious for its wearer. Some are more popular than others such as  Amethyst gemstone, Opal Gemstone, and more.  Here is the list of some of the most sought-after and popular semi-precious gemstones.

  • Alexandrite. It comes in various color options and contains healing properties in it. 
  • Agate. It helps in transforming negative energy into positive energy. It balances the mind and body.
  • Amethyst. It is known to be a protective stone and it helps to remove anxiety and stress from its wearer’s life.
  • Garnet. It is the birthstone of January and is known for its healing properties. 
  • Opal. It helps strengthen the memory and contains beneficial healing properties.
  • Peridot. It is the stone of compassion and brings good health to its wearer
  • Rose quartz. It is known as the stone of unconditional love which makes it a good choice for engagement rings.
  • Spinal. It comes in various color options but the most popular is red.

From where should we buy semi-precious gemstones?

You cannot count semi-precious stones precisely. They form in any possible color, hardness, transparency, and form. Identifying semi-precious stones can be a challenging task for an inexperienced eye. There are a lot of choices and stimulants available in the market. You can buy Loose Emerald Stones or other gemstones from your nearest gemstone market. The gemological certificate is one of the more important things than the supplier and the company. Remember to ask for the gemological certificate when buying gemstones. 


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