What Exactly Is A BBL Surgery?

Brazilian Butt Fit (BBL) is a popular cosmetic surgical procedure that involves using excess fat from the other area of the body to add projection and volume to the buttocks or perfect overall shape and symmetry. The cost of BBL surgery differs according to the case, individual requirement, and aesthetic goals. The effect of the BBL may last several months to years, and you might require more than one procedure to get the desirable results. And it could take up to 6 months to see the full results from the initial procedure. 


What precautions should we take before and after BBL surgery?

Mentioned below are some factors that would help you in preparing for the BBL before and after. Precautions for BBL surgery before and after

Before BBL procedure-

  1. Quit smoking at least two weeks before the surgery as nicotine can slow down your BBL recovery process.
  2. Avoid sunbathing for two weeks before the surgery
  3. Let your surgeon or his staff know if you develop any kind of sickness or allergy during a week before the BBL surgery.
  4. Avoid any kind of aspirin-containing products and blood-thinning supplements (like vitamins E) and medicines two weeks before the surgery.
  5. Don’t drink anything for 8 hours and dont drink for 6 hours before the surgery. 

Precautions after BBL surgery-

  1. Upon arriving home it is best to rest and let the effects of the anesthesia were off
  2. Have some sports drinks or energy drinks available with you to keep yourself hydrated.
  3. Change the dressing/bandages every two hours. This may include undoing and repositioning the binder.
  4. Do not smoke or consume alcohol for at least two weeks after the BBL surgery.
  5. Make sure to finish the whole prescription of antibiotics.

What are the risks of BBL surgery?

 Certain risk factors are associated with BBL surgery. Let’s take a look at some risk factors in turn-

  • Irregularity: In some cases, the fat transferred into the buttocks takes better than in some other areas. Which could cause an irregular shape.
  • Fat embolism: This rare situation occurs when the injected fat finds its way into the bloodstream, the fat globule can travel to the lungs and cause inflammation. 
  • Fat shifting:  this complication occurs when the patient sits for too much time in the injected areas during the first 6 weeks of recovery. 

How long does it take to heal from BBL surgery?

BBL surgery may take 6 weeks to make a full recovery. That is if you avoid sitting or lying directly on your backside and take all the precautionary measures seriously. Like being patient with your body, avoiding sitting, soaking and driving, etc. The healing time of surgery is painful but by following all the precautions you can recover in a short period of time. 

What are the types and shapes of BBL?

If you are considering a BBL surgery, know about the different butt shapes and identify which shape you want your butt to look like. This is where shapes play their role. 

Types of butt shapes-

  • Inverted or V-shaped
  • Hart or A-shaped
  • Square or H shaped
  • Round or O shaped


From the above matter, we got useful information regarding Brazilian Butt Fit (BBL), BBL surgery risks and precautions, and more. For further information lookup to premieresurgicalarts.com

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