What Are The Most Effective Combos Of HIIT Workouts?

Miami Beach Outdoor Gym has approved that HIIT workouts are the ideal way of losing weight and doing exercise regularly with full impact while having hectic work schedules in your life. HIIT gyms near me have been popular due to the major reasons as it offers high-intensity impact in short intervals. Numerous gyms opt for this style of workout for the candidates who want a high intense impact in such a short time on the overall body. 


If you are someone looking for a Gym Near Home then make sure to ask your gym trainer for a suitable and customized HIIT workout plan according to your needs. In this article we have mentioned some effective HIIT workouts combos that might be a help in your daily workout needs, so make sure to go thoroughly through this entire article and be ready to burn the calories in one go!

  1. First combo of HIIT workout:

This combo involves 3 pushups with 12 mountain climbers( count both leg one), 6 jackknives, and 2 bear crawl. 

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  • Not many people can do proper pushups. If you are one of them you shouldn’t be worried about such things. For the alternative of standard push-ups, you can skip them with the push-ups against walls that offer the exact effect on your core and shoulders as proper pushups. 
  • While mountain climbers always make sure to fix your posture with the right position of planks with a proper alignment of head, heel, and shoulder. 
  • It is mandatory to engage your core while doing the jackknives as it will not offer you results if you do it with impact on the core. 
  • Bear crawl builds impact on the core, shoulders, back, glutes, hip flexors, and quadriceps. Do make sure you’re sensing the impact on these parts of your body while doing this exercise. 
  1. Second combo of HIIT workout:

This combo of HIIT workouts by Gym Near Me Now involves 6 sidekicks with 6 lunges on each side of the leg and 2 bear crawl. 


  • Sidekicks are the exercise for effective loss in inches of your sides. This exercise builds impact on glutes, quadriceps, abs, and hamstrings. 
  • After sidekicks now it’s a turn of lunges that involves muscles of glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps.
  1. Third combo of HIIT workout:

This combo is mentioned by Miami Beach Gym which involves 4 military push-ups with 8 plank hip dips and 10 jump lunges. 


  • The closest gym near me mentioned that military push-ups build impacts on shoulder muscles, triceps, upper back, and core.
  • Plank hip dips push extra impact on movements which enable the muscles to open and get stronger.


We hope you liked the article and it was a great help for you in knowing much more about these effective and brilliant HIIT workouts combos mentioned by South Beach Fitness. If you are someone looking for gyms then make sure to search on the internet for Gym Near My Location and get the best gyms options nearby or you can also simply visit our website for more information and affordable gym memberships. 

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