Packaging Guide For the Toy Industry


Toys are no longer just for children. As children grow older, their needs for toys also vary, and adult toys have also come out. If you observe your friends and acquaintances, you will find that many of them prefer toys. Many toys get packed in custom setup boxes , and it is perfect packaging. Many companies are giving wooden boxes wholesale orders to the manufacturer for toy packaging.

The benefits of toys

Various statistics and facts have proved the impact of toys on human growth and development. Toys have always had many benefits for human development.

We are exposed to toys from an early age. From the very beginning, the different abilities of infants and young children are developed through the colors and sounds of the toys. It is an essential tool to help them understand the world.

Playing with toys gives children the opportunity to “communicate” and express themselves verbally. Toys also encourage children to use their senses to engage with the world, stimulating their sight, hearing, and touch and integrating the body’s different senses with everything in the outside world.

How to make a toy storage box?

Have you heard of a process called stamping? It is a process of cutting thin, flat sheets of different materials into specific shapes and sizes using a machine or steel cutting board. Through this cutting board, shapes and dimensions are pressed under constant pressure to create the unique profile of this toy box. 

This way, the entire sheet can be designed in the same pattern as the toy box in one go, which saves a lot of time and effort. Therefore, these custom boxes are more cost-effective. In addition, suitable inserts have been made for toy storage boxes. These inserts are handy for the correct placement of the product in the handcrafted box. With the tailor-made toy box, all toys can be perfectly packed. The attractive design makes it the perfect way to store children’s toys.

Now let’s look at which materials are suitable for toy storage boxes.

Functional Materials For Toy Boxes

There are many materials are using to make wholesale toy boxes, varying in quality and specification, depending on the type and purpose of the packaging. Use the material that is the best for custom box packaging.

Choose the suitable packaging material

Availability, cost, printing, and personalization play an essential role in the choice of packaging materials. The quality of materials affects consumer perceptions. The packaging should confirm to the brand image. You want your parents to buy this package. If it looks harmful or fragile, that impression is transfer to the product. Parents scrutinize the product to see if the manufacturer has considered the welfare of the end consumer.

Parents pay attention to certain factors when choosing toys. And when making this decision, it is necessary to consider the packaging as part of the toy, not in isolation. The material should be:

a) Safe for children

b) Hygiene

c) BPA free

d) Sustainable

e) Environmentally friendly

To be considered reasonable. Therefore, packaging products made from paper, single-ply cartons, corrugated cartons, and biodegradable plastics are preferred. The packaged parts’ dimensions should also be considered to determine whether they pose a choking hazard.

Window frame for toys

Window-framed packaging allows consumers to see what’s inside through the box’s plastic dividers. Some toy packages have fully open window frames, with no plastic partition separating the consumer from the toy. This toy packaging type is use to secure toys.

Plastic shell

What we have here is a clip-on plastic toy that opens and closes by sandwiching it like a seashell. There are two ways to seal the plastic housing of the clip. If the consumer needs to open the package, it must be broken. Another option is to use plastic concerns.

The plastic conch present here is a plastic conch with clips that you can touch and held by a hand, just like a conch. There are two ways to remove plastic cones with pins. One of them is to do a complete cellar. If the consumer needs one opening, the next opening must be made. Another way is to store the remains in a suitable place to take them again and again.

In addition to placing the new product in a plastic container, the user manual that came with the latest product should also be included. In this way, consumers will also have a more accurate understanding of relevant information. Box with magnetic lid is also the best option to pack gifts and this will make your loved ones happy. This embalming process ensures the product’s safety and facilitates the storage of the remains.

Blister Packaging

Blistering is the most common method of embalming babies. Opening the product’s quarantine room prevents effects from moving or damaged in the quarantine room. The plastic cone is attach to a paperback with information about the cone and brand.

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