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Word Games for Kids: Crosswords, Scrabble, and More

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Playing word games is an excellent way to study and have fun! Scrabble, crosswords hangman, and word searches are all enjoyable activities that will make you smarter. It is possible to learn about diverse words, master spelling them as well as learn about other areas by solving these kinds of puzzles. For example an interlocking crossword with clues on The Civil War would help you to learn more about the history of the United States.

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Crossword puzzles are fill in-the-blank games that are based around clues. The puzzles are comprised of an array of black and white spaces. The objective is to complete all the words that are correct within the black spaces using the clues. This game is suitable for everyone and is fun to play by yourself or with a partner or even with your family! The puzzles are played on the internet or by printing them on paper. Join with your friends to find the answers, or tackle the task on your own. Learn to be a master of puzzles and gain a lot of knowledge and have fun!

  • Easy Crossword Puzzle for Beginners
  • New York Times Mini- Crossword
  • Ozone Science Crossword Puzzle
  • Crossword Solver
  • Merriam-Webster Daily Crossword
  • Florida Legislature Crossword
  • Wall Street Journal Crossword


Scrabble is a well-known word game that lets players score points by creating words with letter tiles. Players build words from words that other players spell. Each tile is marked with a number in the corner, which shows the number of points it’s worth: The greater it is the greater points you can earn for the particular letter. For instance, vowels A, E, I, O, and U are all frequent letters, which makes them common in word forms but not worth much. However, letters such as W, X, and Z aren’t as frequently used in the language, which makes them more valuable.

Scrabble began as a game for board games however, now there are many different variations that you can play online. The game can be a bit difficult and is targeted towards fourth-graders and above. Prior to starting playing, ensure you have time to be able to be a long time to play. Scrabble is an excellent game that will engage your brain and to improve your spelling and vocabulary!

  • Easy Scrabble Online
  • Scrabble Sprint
  • Just Words
  • Outspell Word Game
  • Scrabble Blast


Hangman is not just an word game, but also a game of guessing! The game is played with one person thinking of an idea in their mind then another player(s) are required to guess the word by identifying the letters it contains. The person who chooses the word will write blanks for the letters the word contains. For instance for”park,” for example “park,” they would write four lines on a piece paper. If a player who guesses the word guesses an alphabet that is within the word it’s written onto the line(s) that it is located. If they are able to guess an unrelated letter to the wordin question, the player who is running the game draws one portion from the hangman (stick picture).

The participants who are guessing have to identify all appropriate letters prior to each portion of the hangman has been drawn to be the winner. The game can be played on any surface that you write on for instance, a piece or chalkboard or paper as well as many sites where you can play online. The game can be played in a short amount of time and is a great means to build your spelling and vocabulary.

  • Hangman Word Game
  • Primary Games: Hangman
  • Play Hangman Online
  • Hangman Game
  • HangMouse
  • Puzzle Baron Hangman

Word Search

Word search grids are composed of letters. In the middle of the grid will be the words that have to be discovered. Word searches come with hundreds of categories that you can choose from. Some have specific themes, such as kinds of fruits or shades, while others employ entirely random words. If you spot an item within the alphabet grid you can circle or highlight it, then cross it off the list. This will allow you to identify the words you’ve found.

This game is appropriate for anyone of any age as it is playable on the internet or printed. The more letters in the grid the more difficult it will be to locate all the words. Keep in mind that the word is only circled when it is written correctly. Try this kind of puzzle on your own or with a friend to improve your reading and speller. Set a timer so that you can make it more difficult!

  • Hidden Words: The Environment
  • Word Web Game
  • USA Today Word Search
  • Independence Day Word Search
  • Ancient Africa Word Search
  • Dairy Word Search
  • Brain Word Search Puzzles

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