Top 5 Space-Fiction Movies You Need To Watch

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Space has always appealed to humans in numerous ways. Be it wandering in the universe, discovering planets or galaxies, landings on the moon, or even trying to find life elsewhere, we humans love every part of such possibilities. What makes it more interesting is the visual representation of these incredible ideas with spectacular shots. They then present to us not only one but also multiple wonderful space fiction movies. It is quite difficult to find the right film for you with countless exceptionally amazing films on the internet. Not-to-worry as we are here to alleviate this paradox with our top five space-fiction movies edition, which you can find at moviezwap.


Here are 5 best space fiction movies:

1. The Matrix:

Ridley Scott’s exceptionally wonderful movie starring Matt Damon produced an epic sci-fiction movie with a head-spinning story line. The story will blow your mind as the astronaut (Matt Damon) gets left behind on Mars after his crew made the sudden exit while witnessing a giant space storm. The movie beautifully presents the idea of persistence in the countenance of terrific odds. It’s such a delight to see Ridley, along with Mark Watney applying complicated logical concepts with a pinch of humor to major problem-solving strategies. You will find yourself boosted up with sheer confidence, positivity, and perseverance. Glance your next view of this vibrant and inspiring movie.

2. Gravity:

This amazingly beautiful movie with outstanding visuals will take you deep into the happenings and horrors of an astronaut left in space. Alfonso Cuaron showcases the ability to shoot this movie with ultra-realism and teeth-shattering thrill rides. Two astronauts suffer from an overwhelming sense of despair for the sake of saving themselves when a debris field obliterates their ship. Are you losing hope from life, Wanting to give up everything and let life end? Watch this masterpiece reignite the desire and fight situations because life is worth it.

3. Moon:

Sam Rockwell starred movie Moon is a complete thriller package that will take you on a quirky, lonely sci-fi journey. The stunning debut of director Duncan Jones puts an absurdist idea together and introduces us to an excellent space flick. The astronaut is sent out to space on a mission to bring alternative fuel back to earth until he makes a shocking discovery that puts everything around in an unthinkable way. It belongs to the category of one of the most desiremovies space.

4. Interstellar:

This visually stunning space flick of Christopher Nolan starring Matthew McConaughey presents to us a mind-bending story. As a pilot, Matthew (an astronaut) sets out on a journey to find life elsewhere as Earth is rapidly seen transforming to a dust-filled place unable to support life. The visual effects are surreal and delightful to watch. Get ready to blow your mind by Mathew’s concept of relativity on this amazing home-finding journey.

5. Alien:

Ridley Scott put all his efforts into combining the horrors and science for the most amazing way ever. The movie witnessed one of the greatest monsters in the history of space movies which will take you on a thrilling yet skin-ripping adventure. Alien’s theme tackles everything from feminism, Freudian sex, traditional gender roles to space terror. It will make you wonder about the incredibly compelling story line with a pinch of cinematic sci-fiction genre and terror. Enjoy this terrific adventure on moviewood and witness the immense possibilities of the space.

These are our top five science-fiction movies you should watch once in your lifetime. These movies will change your perspective of space for good. Some will scare you with numerous possibilities of anti-terrestrial beings in space, and some will make you wonder about the upcoming dangers of our planet Earth, but one thing we are sure of is that you will be glued to your screens till the end.

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