Things to Consider for Your First Luxury Yacht Rental Trip

Soaking under the sun with your loved ones while cruising the aquamarine waters on a luxury yacht is a great way to unwind on a winter afternoon. Don’t be worried if you do not own a yacht; you can find plenty of yachts on rent ready to plan your vacation at a reasonable price in Dubai or all the popular yacht cruise destinations in the world. However, if this is the first time you are planning to take a tour of yacht rental Dubai, you must note certain things to make the most out of your yacht rental trip.

Here are five tips for the first yacht rental trip.

Book Your Yacht Rental Tour Early

The yacht rental sector gets very busy during winters, as cruising is amongst the most preferred activities during this time. So, it is advised you make your booking early to avoid the last-minute rush. If you are late, you may not be able to find a yacht of your choice. Therefore, it is a good idea to make a booking in advance. It will save you from the last-minute hassle, and you can also find the boat of your choice.

Pick the Right Yacht

Look for the yacht that is suitable for you. First, decide the number of travellers for the yacht rental and plan the duration of your trip and activities that you would like to engage in while on the cruise. If you are renting a yacht for the first time, take advice from the yacht company or talk to somebody you know who has yachting experience. Also, pick a vessel that is within your budget. However, do not go for cheap uncomfortable boats to save money. Pick the one that comfortably fits all passengers you have on board. If you plan for water sports, make sure your boat is equipped for the same.

Tips for first yacht rental trip

Apart from these, ensure the yacht is in good condition, and there is no damage in or outside the boat.

Be Aware of Safety Measures

Always carry your safety equipment while you are in the middle of the sea cruising to avoid mishaps. It would help if you kept maximum tools, devices and contact info that can benefit you to reach anyone for help. Let someone know how long you have planned to be out on the water. Keep your phone fully charged so that you can contact someone while you are on the boat in an emergency. And never forget to wear your safety jacket and give full attention to the skipper’s instructions.

Know What You Want

You must know why you are renting a yacht and what activities you would do onboard. If you have not planned your cruise correctly yet, you will waste the time you could have used in a very advantageous way. Make a plan, and then talk to your crew. Your yacht crew can help you design a perfect plan to make your yacht rental tour the most memorable one. You can tell about your preferences to your crew members and leave the rest to them.

Find Out Boat Rental Costs

The cost of a yacht rental depends on the type, size and number of days you plan to be out on the water. If you hire a crewed yacht along with a skipper, it will cost you even more. Yacht companies might ask you to pay a deposit in full before you can board the yacht. Also, you can invest in insurance for protection against any mishap. Before you book your yacht, discuss everything in detail and make sure everything is within your budget.

You must know what you can expect with your yacht tour. The above tips will help you avoid any unanticipated issues that may hamper your vacation mood.

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