Low-Cost Businesses You Can Start in the UAE


The UAE is among the most preferred location for new businesses today. There is no industry that you would not find here. And this reality of Dubai (UAE) attracts entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world, looking to capitalise on the country’s prospering economy and favourable business environment.

If you cannot fulfil your dreams to start a business because you do not have enough savings to invest, then you need not worry. Here, we will discuss many businesses that you can start in the UAE at a minimal cost and paperwork.

Turn your entrepreneurial dreams into a reality with these low-cost businesses in Dubai, UAE:

Tutoring / Mentoring

Tutoring is another low-cost business idea, which you can use if you have skills that others would like to learn. You could teach anything, from music, academic subjects, a language, martial arts, dance, illustration, crafts, or anything that can value somebody’s profile.

Almost negligible investment is required here. For promoting your service, you can use social media, free spaces in classifieds or word of mouth (your students will become your promoter if you are a good instructor)


Consulting is another business service you can start at a very low cost. You will need money to obtain your license, build a website, perhaps print a few business cards, and you can start.

You will only need to think about which field you want to provide consultancy service in and be well aware of it. It can be anything from finance, accounting, real estate, career-making, human resources, legal services and many similar services.

Again, you can use social media and free classified space for advertisement and promotion.

Cleaning Services

Cleaning or housekeeping services are fast taking the shape of an industry today. It was never so organised as it is today. After the COVID 19 pandemic hit us, people have become conscious of cleanliness and hygiene around their residential and official places. Many companies have sprung up worldwide with the idea of cleaning, deep cleaning, disinfecting and sanitising, and they all have flourished by many folds post-COVID. People find these services very useful today, and when done by professionally trained hands it gives a different level of satisfaction and the best part of it, people do not mind shelling off little extra for a good cleaning and sanitising service.

Again, start-up costs here are nominal. You only need to love your job, be honest and committed to your service and have basic cleaning supplies. Then, as you grow, you can expand and charge more for your services.

Social Media Consultant

Today rarely is there any business with no social media presence. Today social media has reached every corner of the world, and people, whether professionals or in business or even students spend most of their time on social media. Therefore, companies are finding it convenient to engage with their customers. It is the first place people go to find out about a new business or service that they hear about. However, most companies – small and medium, do not have the time or resources and the skills to run a social media feed or campaign successfully. The reason, we see a rise in the number of social media consultants and freelancers. They charge you a fee to manage social media channels on behalf of businesses.

So, except for the licensing and business setup costs, all you need is a laptop and internet connection to start this business, something almost every person has in the UAE today.

Pet Care and Pet Sitting

With an increasing number of people coming to the UAE for business and jobs, this is one field that many people are now opting for – pet sitting. This is because people are either busy with their business, jobs or trips and their pets need looking after while they are away. As a professional pet sitter, you only have to travel to their homes to care for the pet in their absence.

You are then responsible for feeding, walking, and caring for the pet, and you can charge a fee somewhere around AED 80 per home visit (around 30 minutes.)

The best thing about the pet sitting business is that you can start it with almost no capital. However, you must have a love for animals and the ability to move. You can use free ad spaces and classifieds section for marketing, which comes free. You can also use social media to tell people about your new business.

How to Start a Business in Dubai with Minimal Investment?

Whatever business you start, you may need little investment. However, the above categories allow you to start your business with minimal cost. You may need an office address for business purposes as UAE does not allow anybody to operate businesses from home. In such cases, you can also manage it with virtual office spaces, which caters to your low-cost business needs. So, the fact is, any business you start will need a little investment for the takeoff. But, the overall cost is still low for low-cost businesses.

Another upfront cost for the above listed or any low-cost business will be licensing, which is affordable in the UAE. Rest you will need investment to buy your small equipment and other necessary things, which you can manage easily. However, your business setup type too can impact your cost. So, ensure you make your plans within your budget. Freezones are an excellent option to keep your business setup costs affordable.

If you find all this very confusing, you can consult a business setup and a company formation consultant for advice on the best way to establish your business at a low cost.

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