What’s The Difference Between A Burger And A Sandwich?


Sandwich is a food that contains fillings between two bread slices. A burger could be considered a type of Sandwich as it has fillings between two buns, but the sandwiches are not burgers. The primary difference between these two is that a sandwich is prepared by placing fillings between bread slices, while a burger is cooked by filling the meat between a bun sliced into two halves. Let’s learn about the differences between them and why a burger is considered a sandwich.

Are Burgers Sandwiches?

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The answers to some questions make us question everything, are burgers can be considered sandwiches is one of the biggest food debates. There are some things like peanut butter or jam between two slices, which are sandwiches. For example, grilled cheese is a sandwich, but the grilled chicken wrap is not. Before moving to the answer to whether or not burgers are sandwiches, the question that comes to mind is what precisely a sandwich is?

According to Merriam Webster dictionary, the Sandwich is defined as ‘two or more slices of bread or a split roll with a filling in between. So, anything can be a sandwich as far as it is between two or more slices of bread or inside a bun. So, technically, yes, burgers can be considered sandwiches. However, it is not so simple to accept. Some food items are not what they seem. For example, a tomato is a fruit, but you won’t put it with fruits while making a fruit dessert.

Similarly, burgers are always mentioned in the separate section of the menu. And sandwiches are in the other. For culinary purposes, burgers are not sandwiches.

Definition of Sandwich

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Sandwich encompasses almost every dish that involves two pieces of bread and a filling between them. They can be sweet, savoury, complex and simple. The popular broad categories of Sandwich include:

  • Hard roll sandwiches, which has hard buns
  • Soft bun sandwiches, like hamburgers, fish burgers and fried chicken burgers.
  • Sliced bread sandwiches like a club sandwich, peanut butter and jelly sandwich and chocolate-filled Sandwich.
  • Sliced meat between flatbread dishes is also considered sandwiches.
  • The club, the cake, ribbon and pinwheel sandwiches are the types of sandwiches.

Burgers Vs Sandwiches, how are they Different?

Despite the definition of Sandwich, burgers and sandwiches are two different dishes. The common differences between them include several factors, such as the shape, look, taste, making, cooking timings and a few others. Let’s know about the differences in detail:

Cooking Requirement

When you look at the Sandwich, you can easily conclude that it has undergone little to no cooking. Even pre-cooked chicken does not require further cooking. The Sandwich can be made by filing anything between the slices of bread. You can put peanut butter, jam, chocolate spread and anything available to make a sandwich in no time. However, in the case of a burger, you need to fry the meat or chicken, half the bun, the heat of softening the bun and assemble it. You cannot leave the meat uncooked for making a burger. Sandwiches do not require to be presented hot, while burgers need to be served warm or hot.

Shape and Appearance

The difference between the binding options makes burgers and sandwiches much different from each other. The beef or chicken is filled between the buns, which makes it cylindrical. The sides of the burgers show the filling inside it, such as patty, cheese, salad, lettuce, etc. Unlike a burger, a sandwich can be prepared in many shapes. The common shape in rectangular, square, and triangle. The three-layered Sandwich is often shaped by making the diagonal cut on a square it. It looks attractive and delicious but way different from a burger.

Preparation Ease

Making a sandwich is very easy as bread is always available at home. Preparing a sandwich requires less to no cooking, and making it is simple. Simple layer anything available between two slices of bread and enjoy. In many cases, you use pre-cooked chicken or ham to prepare a delicious food. However, making a delicious burger can be time-consuming and expensive.

Buns and Slices

The most commonly used evidence to prove that burgers are not sandwiches is the way bread is cut. It also refers to the amount of bread used in making the two dishes. It’s uses two flatbread pieces, while the burger is made by filling meat in a bun. The fillings for a burger are usually grilled or fried. Burger cannot be made with butter, jam or mayonnaise inside the buns.


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The difference between a sandwich and a burger is a long debate for many years. Especially with the advancement in the food industry, there is a variety of dishes served as a filling between two ingredients. However, the answer to the question depends on person to person and restaurant to restaurant. Both are delicious and popular everywhere.

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