What are the Benefits of Carbon Clean?

Carbon Clean

A well maintained and well-serviced car should cover six-figure mileage without any major engine problem. But it is not unusual to see some drop off in the car’s engine performance as it gets older. That lost performance gets restored with the help of the carbon cleaning process. If you are not familiar with the benefits of carbon cleaning, this article will help you.

What is Carbon Cleaning?

When petrol and diesel burn to produce power, they release gases that contain unburnt hydrocarbons. These gases are often controlled by the devices such as catalysts and Diesel Particulate Filter DPF. These devices prevent the gases from reaching the atmosphere, but still, particles get deposited on the components of an engine. These unburnt hydrocarbons can end up clogging the car engine and other parts like a turbocharger, DPF and EGR valve. Clogged engine components, therefore, result in reduced performance of the vehicle. Engine carbon clean up is the process that restores the lost performance of the engine by unclogging valves and removing soot from inside it.

Modern cars with advanced emission control equipment need carbon cleaning when required. The old vintage cars built before the modern oil and fuel technology would need carbon cleaning every few thousand miles. However, modern cars do not require it because of their advanced emission control system. Cars with diesel engines are more prone to clogging as the fuel does not burn cleanly. The exhaust gases are fed back into the combustion chamber for burning, which results in a building of sooty deposits.  

What are the Benefits of Getting Carbon Clean?

Carbon cleaning is a process that has several advantages in the long run. Here are the five common and major benefits:

Restores Original Performance of The Vehicle

By getting a carbon cleaning service, your engine will get much healthier and stronger. After carbon clean, you will notice those corrected fault codes shown by diagnostic. If you are experiencing problems, such as hard to start the engine, high fuel consumption, the dashboard on light, black smoke, low performance by the engine or bad smell, you should immediately opt for carbon cleaning. Your vehicle will get back to its original condition. By eliminating the built-up soot, the vehicle engine regains lost horsepower.

Carbon Cleaning Makes You Easily Pass Your MOT Check

Ministry of transport MOT check is the annual examination of a vehicle to check whether it is safe enough to get driven on the roads of the UK. To meet the road standards of the UK, the cars must have to pass the emission check. Carbon building results in high production of toxic smoke, which is dangerous for the environment. Carbon cleaning your engine results in up to 50% less carbon dioxide production. It eliminates smoke and makes the vehicle pass the MOT check easily. whether you have a diesel engine or petrol engine, unclogging our engine results in lesser emission of particulates.

Consumes Less Fuel and Saves Money

Carbon cleaning results in an easy burning of fuel and easy passing of gases from the exhaust system. The smooth and quick combustion inside the engine results in less consumption of fuel. After carbon cleaning your engine, you will notice a reduction in fuel consumption by up to 15%. Therefore, carbon cleaning saves you trips to the petrol station, and more money in the long run. To avoid spending heavy amounts on fuel, get your engine carbon cleaned now.

Carbon Cleaning Reduces Pollution

Air pollution should be your first concern while noticing the symptoms of carbon build-up. The built-up soot results in higher production of gas emitting in the environment. Maintaining a vehicle plays an important role in cleaning the environment. The higher performance of a vehicle means less consumption of fuel, thus lesser gas emission. Therefore, carbon cleaning results in reduced pollution and a safe environment.

Prevents you from Expensive Breakdowns

The majority of the faults in vehicles occur due to carbon deposits. The continuous negligence regarding carbon deposits results in the breakdown of important components of a vehicle. By choosing a carbon cleaning service, you will avoid spending money on repairing expensive parts. Carbon cleaning saves you enough money in the long run.


Carbon cleaning is the process of removing built-up soot from the parts of the engine. It restores the performance of the vehicle, decreases fuel consumption and reduces air pollution. To reap all the benefits for your car, consider engine carbon cleaning as soon as possible.

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