Things To Look For In A PTE Exam Center

Things To Look For In A PTE Test Center

Taking the PTE exam does not need to be stressful if you know what to prepare for and what to expect in advance. 

PTE Exam

What is PTE exam?  We have to understand this first. The PTE exam is an academic exam that measures your English fluency in reading, writing, and speaking. It’s a required test for students hoping to study abroad in various countries all over the world. 

Taking the PTE test can be done all over the world at different PTE centers. While PTE centers may be various based on geographical locations, the testing process to expect follows the same standard procedures no matter which PTE test center you decide to take the PTE test exam. 

Nobody wants to be the student who arrives at the test center not knowing what is expected of them during the test-taking time. Therefore, here are some practical suggestions on what test takers of the PTE can look for and expect when arriving at the PTE test center. 

Remember, it doesn’t matter whether the PTE test center is in your home country or across the world; these suggestions and tips will be helpful to you no matter where you go in the world. 

Anyone who’s attended school is familiar with being on time; if not, then there would be a tardy slip or a tardy bell that was rung. The same principle applies to taking the PTE exam at the PTE test center. If you take the PTE test, make sure you are at the PTE test center at least thirty minutes in advance. If you are late by more than the exceeded amount of fifteen minutes, you will not be able to take the PTE test. In addition, you will not receive any refunded amount for the PTE test fee. 

 When arriving at the PTE test center, you must contain the following essential item with you. You wouldn’t want to forget it, or else you will not be able to take the PTE test.   Bring a valid ID with you as proof of your identity for the test-taking administrator. If you don’t have a driver’s license or a country-issued ID, then use your passport. It will suffice. After showing your valid ID to the administrator, they will then take a digital photograph of you. Remove your glasses and any hats being worn. Your palm will then be scanned, and you’ll have to leave your digital signature with the test administrator as well. 

It’s easy to lose or leave your things behind when taking a test due to nerves. Thankfully, taking the test at the PTE test center doesn’t allow anyone to bring their belongings inside the testing room. Any belongings brought by the test taker on exam day will be left inside the locker. The PTE test center provides lockers for all your belongings to be safely stored away from any prying hands. There is one exception to what can enter into the test center. You can bring your passport to the exam room. But anything costly or valuables brought is not advisable to bring at all. 

The test room does allow some essential belongings to be brought inside the test room. For example, if a student requires eyeglasses to see the words on the test, then it’s a necessity. Permission does not need to be gained to bring such items inside the PTE test room. Students who need the assistance of hearing aids are permitted to bring their hearing aids inside the test room as well. Sitting in a chair for a long time can be quite comfortable. Therefore it is permissible to bring a comfortable cushion for your seat. The test exam center will provide you with an erasable notepad. 

Plan on being at the PTE test center for a while. The test duration time is three hours, with an optional break lasting ten minutes. The administrator will be in the test room during the entire test and will answer any questions needed. If there are technical issues with the computers or headphones, the administrator will also assist you. 

The moment you complete your PTE exam at the PTE test center, simply raise your hand. A confirmation of your attendance will be given to you. 

Taking the PTE test center can be a smooth and easy-going experience if you know what to expect. So keep in mind this advice before heading to your PTE test center

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