The Complete Guide To Servicing Your Motorhome


The trend of owning a motorhome is so common that nowadays there are a number of people who have their own motorhomes and take care of them like it’s their own baby. Without servicing a motorhome or an RV whatever you like to call, it can get damaged very easily. The damage could to be the extent that it could end up destroying the whole motorhome and for that, you would need intense motorhome repairing services, not just motorhome servicing.

Motorhome Repairing:

A motorhome repairing is done when some part of the motorhome gets completely damaged and totally becomes useless. Basically, it is done when the motorhome breaks down and cannot be used until and unless the problem is fixed. RV repairing services might include checking the gas and the electric supply, making sure that the drainage and the sewerage pipes are working fine. These are the most common issues that occur in an RV and need repairing from time to time. Other than that the problems in the kitchen appliances can also occur because of their frequent usage and then that might also need repairing.

The body of the motorhome also tends to get damaged quite frequently. The reason behind this is that when an RV is driven on the road then it faces a lot of obstacles and most of them are rocks. These rocks can damage the base of the motorhome severely and if the problem is not fixed on time then the damage can even reach the engine. Repairing a damaged engine is a lot more expensive than getting the body of the motorhome repaired.

Motorhome Servicing:

In Essex, Motorhome servicing is just like a general check-up of your RV. In this servicing, every single part of the motorhome is checked in order to know that whether it is functioning fine or not. Service is like maintenance which should be done after every 6 months or 1 year. In servicing literally every part of the motorhome is checked from the interior to the exterior and even the tyres. The most common maintenance procedures include roof servicing, AC servicing, RV appliance service, RV battery service, and RV generator service. After getting the servicing’s done it is important that you take the motorhome on a long trip or a short trip, totally dependent on you, to test its drive after the servicing.

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The best time to service the RV:

Typically, winter is the best time to perform all your RV-related servicing because in winter people tend to take their RV out for going on trips. So when it has been standing in one place all around the year and when taken out in winters, it definitely requires servicing. Though, if you frequently take your RV out on trips then getting it serviced during the spring, summer, or autumn time is also a good time. Generally, RV should be taken for service several times throughout the year.

Also, when you came back from a trip then that is also the perfect time for taking your RV to the technician. A number of things can go wrong on the trip either in the interior or the exterior and you would not even know about it. For avoiding any type of surprises when you plan on taking your RV on the next trip it is very important that you take it straight away to your technician and get them to have a look at it and fix anything if it is impaired.

Selecting a reliable service station:

Getting a reliable technician is very important if you want to get a complete solution to all your RV-related problems. One cannot rely on a total stranger to service your RV for you. Servicing an RV requires time, expertise, and patience that not everyone can be trusted with. You want to look for an expert and a professional technician that knows how to do the job.

You can look at the previous reviews and feedbacks of the customers. And from there it can be concluded that whether the company is reliable or not. And that whether the technicians have a complete know-how of what they are doing. Ask them about the warranty of services that they are providing, it will also give you an idea regarding their reliability. Looking at the certifications is also a good idea that whether the service station from where you are getting your maintenance is certified by the national institute for Automotive Service Excellence or not.

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