Best Way to find someone’s wish list on Amazon


E-commerce business is expanding in India. In a survey in India, it is noted that people like to order things from e-commerce platforms rather than going to the market. In India, there are many e-commerce platforms like Flipkart, Amazon, Mantra, the Indian e-commerce market is likely to grow US$ 111.40 billion by the year 2025.

Amazon is a very popular e-commerce platform in India, people mostly prefer to buy things online because in this busy life nobody has the time of going out shopping so people mostly prefer online. Some platforms also give the facility to order groceries online.

Amazon interface is very user-friendly and easy to use amazon has a wide variety of products like mobile phones, laptops, books, clothes, furniture, etc. People can order anything from Amazon and which products they like they add to their wishlist and order it anytime.

How to find and get access to someone’s wish list on Amazon?

If you want to give a surprise to your family member or your friend, you can find their amazon wishlist and order for them which they will add to their wishlist.

If someone shared their wishlist publicly, you can easily get access to their wishlist. But if they make it privately you can not do anything.

Amazon removed the feature of searching someone’s wishlist, if you want to know someone’s wishlist you have to request it personally, baby shower lists are still available publicly.

How to find someone’s wishlist on Amazon?

You have to click on your browser and then search and then click on account and lists.

Go and click on your friend section and you can able to see your friend’s wishlist who shared.

If you want to access someone’s wishlist on amazon you can request him by composing a message and emailing the message to him.

How to find someone’s wishlist on the amazon mobile app?

Download and install the Amazon shopping app on your mobile phone after downloading you have to sign up or login into the app after login click on the setting icon in the top left corner.

Find an option in the list of friends or registries by scrolling down.

When you find the option click on them you can able to see all your friends and their wishlist if your friend has not shared their wishlist yet you can request him by email, to get access to their wishlist.

How to find the baby shower and wedding wishlist on amazon?

You can easily get access to this wishlist because this wishlist is available publically and you can easily get this wishlist.

You have to click on your browser and then search and then click on account and lists.

Click on the friend and registry section and select baby shower registry or wedding registry.

Type the name of the person who created the list and open its profile on amazon make sure that you can select the right person profile because there are many people with the same name.

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