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How to Achieve Your Goals Once and For All

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Having a new goal to pursue is exciting. People crave purpose. It is just part of the human experience. So when something motivates us enough to make it a goal, it feels great. In this article, we will talk about steps to achieve your goals and how you should plan to get there.

Either a startup or your career needs a plan to start or to shift somehow.

However, the motivation often dwindles and dies as life gets in the way of our once-desired new goal.

This can be because the goal we set was too hard, and we couldn’t achieve it in the timeframe we imagined. Or it could be that we became overwhelmed.

To do goal-setting work for you, there are a few simple hacks you can employ.

Big goals need to be chunked down.

Have you heard of micro-goals? Often the journey to our goal, in terms of both time and effort, is too great, and we run out of energy for it. Or worse, we run out of belief in the possibility of achieving our goal, which is a real shame.

Breaking down a big goal into milestones or micro-goals makes the journey more bearable. Plus, the positive reinforcement of ticking off a milestone or mini goal at smaller intervals is great for keeping us mentally engaged and feeling that we can get there.

Imagine a long car journey with no rest stops along the way – this is similar to how one big goal feels before chucking it down.

For example, if your goal is to complete a degree, consider each module a milestone that you can celebrate and mark as an achievement in its own right. If you plan to start an externship, you should celebrate small achievements such as starting a conversation with the hiring manager or even getting an introduction with the company’s HR manager.

Or, if your goal is to run a marathon, consider each week of your training plan, or each new distance you achieve, as a micro goal by itself. That way you can slowly achieve your goals.

Suddenly there is more to celebrate and more evidence to prove that you are making progress.

Pace yourself to avoid burning out

If you begin pursuing your goal enthusiastically and overdo it in the early days, this can lead to burnout before you achieve your goals in the end.

This one is common with fitness-related goals. We have all heard stories of people setting off to get fitter, then injury or illness striking them down.

When plotting out your goal, look realistically at two factors on your calendar.

The first factor to consider is the chronological time between now and the ideal date of goal completion. How many weeks or months are there, and how can you pace yourself sensibly across this time period?

The second factor to consider is what else is on your calendar. Do you have many other commitments taking up your time and energy?

This doesn’t only apply to fitness goals. Anything you pursue works in one form or another, and we all need to factor in rest and recovery.

Dedication is admirable, but don’t overdo it and burn out, as this could mean missing out on your goal.

Don’t dilute your efforts.

People who like to set goals are ambitious and motivated, which is wonderful. But don’t get carried away with overhauling your life and take on too much at once.

If you are a fan of making lists, then you might want to pay extra attention here. You do not need to take on the whole world at once, and trying to do so never plays out well.

Having more than one main goal dilutes your efforts, and much like the point before can lead to you burning out.

We are much more likely to achieve something that we give as much attention to as we realistically can, around our other responsibilities, of course.

Don’t overload yourself, and you will have a much stronger chance of success.

When you finally achieve a big goal, it feels amazing, and the benefits extend way beyond the achievement of the goal itself. The boost in confidence it brings is worth it alone.

Whatever you aim for next, these simple hacks should make a big difference in how your efforts reward you.

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