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Graphic Design Tips All Non-Designers Need to Know

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What is Graphic design?

Graphic design is a form of art, which includes the process of combining pictures and text. It helps to relay a particular message. These types of works are mainly used on Social media, advertisement materials, magazines, or even on books.

Graphic designs are used for various purposes for businesses. From logos and branding material, posters, flyers videos, editorial designs, environmental designs, communication design, advertising, book covers to product packaging and signage.

One of the biggest pros of using graphics is that it can transform statistical data into easily understandable visual diagrams. It makes complex ideas more accessible and easy to understand.

Graphic design profile as a career

In present days, there’s a huge demand for web designers, as they are in so many streams such as web designing industry, Print industry, Advertisement industry and so on.

It is a creative field that has opportunities in diverse sectors such as manufacturing, production, multimedia, publishing, video gaming, film-making, and many more.

No doubt, it’s a great career option. It can bring out your inner creative selves and get paid for what you love doing. The demand for graphic designers is growing day by day and with your creative and unique designs, you can contribute and make a difference in the industry.

Apart from educational degrees and technical skills, one also needs personal skills like creativity and artistic ability, listening skills, verbal communication, comfort with technology, and time management skills to shine at what they do. Even if you are a Non-designer and do not possess a degree in designing, you can work as an efficient graphic designer if you take care of some points. So, let’s discuss some tips and tricks that will give you a good start to your design career.

Graphic Designing Tips All Non-Designers Need to Know:

Planning is important

Proper planning is very important in any design, and not just in designing, it’s required in every project you start. Your goals are important but not enough. Along with them, a clearly defined design plan, an accurate budget, and an accurate schedule is very crucial to the success of any project. This will help to ensure that your goals are converted efficiently into an amazing final product.

The planning gives an overview of the basis of every design of what you are going to make and how you are going to do it. So before you put your hands on something, make sure you make a detailed plan of what you want in your design.

The best thing to do is to make a questionnaire and ask yourself questions like what do you want from this design and what message does your design conveys?  What kind of thoughts do you want to generate in your viewer’s mind? For whom you are making the design, always keep in mind your target audience. This will help you a lot to decide what design you want, what colours of font you want and so on.

Keep it simple

Sometimes, Less is more and this rule definitely applies here. An overwhelming design which is difficult to understand is definitely not going to do the trick.

It is wise to go for minimalist design which is well balanced with minimum amount of text and fonts, minimal but appealing colours. It’s not required to use tons of elements to make it visually appealing, an eye-catching and lively background and bold text can make your design standout.

Take anything on which you want to put your design, let’s say, a T-shirt. Now, the secret to a good T-shirt design is not stuffing as many graphics and elements you want. It’s important to have a balance between aesthetic appeal and getting your message bold and clear to your audience.

Always try to keep the typography under control and use a cohesive color palette. It’s important that your color palettes and color schemes relay with your message.

Use pre-designed templates

It’s a good and time-saving idea to use social media templates to create eye-catching visual posts that will grab the attention of your audience. An attractive template design plays a significant role in engaging your audience.

With each passing day, social media has become more of a visual medium where people add videos or stories, cards or images to create more interactive experiences for users. And, these templates help to boost your social media presence.

Now, you can increase the organic reach of your posts with the help of free and customizable templates by Designhill. Designhill is loaded with tons of visually appealing pre-designed templates to help you create unique visual posts.


It’s very important that your text and graphics in graphic design are lined up on a page, as a design with poor alignment looks cluttered and is difficult to read. Arrangement of text and elements are necessary to avoid from being a complete disorderly mess.

In any graphic design, it is necessary to have the visual elements in a composition. For this, we need to organize elements, group them, create balance, structure and connection between elements. It helps to create a sharp and clear and visually appealing outcome which is easier to read.

Apart from alignment, one should also keep in mind the scale of the texts. Your texts or pictures should be placed in a systematic aligned manner rather than at random.

Background and Space

Too much text in a design can make the whole design look cluttered and difficult to read. Your design should have enough empty space that it allows your viewers to concentrate on l important parts of the design.

Enough empty space doesn’t mean too much space. Too little space will make it look cluttered and too much space will make it look detached rather than cohesive. Thus, a perfect balance is required to give it a simple yet attractive look.

Along with it, a good background is very important as it can instantly light up your graphic design. One can give a blur effect at background to make the texts pop. Furthermore, using an image in the background is also a good idea or putting subtle colours in the background and using contrasting colour texts on it can make any design very unique and eye-catching.


Effective use of icons are very crucial to improve the visual interest of a design and grab the viewer’s attention. One can try layering icons with images or another background to create unique and unexpected elements.

One can also use animation in icons and they don’t have to be static. Another thing one could do is to make a cluster of interesting shapes, sketches or handcrafted icons to make an interesting visual or combine them with trendy elements. A good iconography can provide your design a smooth and interesting finish all together.

Be wise with your colors

Colours have significance to the human mind, they generate messages, build up interest, as well as generate certain emotions. So, a perfect colour scheme is unavoidable to create style and appeal and enhance the aesthetics of your design.

Importance of colors cannot be neglected, they are as important as the design itself. Thus, having the right color scheme is very important. Colors are the important aspects that a designer should keep in mind while designing. It includes from primary colours to the colour for your app icons, the colour of your logo and a secondary color that contrasts with your main color. It’s very important to find that perfect combination of colour scheme that matches your design’s message.


Another most important thing to keep in mind while designing is what type of font you are using. They are another visual feature of extreme importance.

Choosing a perfect combination of fonts creates harmony and consistency in a design. And, a perfect typography is an important factor in creating a visual consistency in your design. A correct choice of color, font and text size add value to your text. It make easier for viewers to perceive information from the text.

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