5 Tasks to Help You Maintain Your Office Building

office maintenance

Now that your employees are beginning to return to the office rather than working from home you should make sure that any maintenance issues in your building have been put right and you are ready to welcome your staff back to work.  To help you, here are five tasks to take care of to maintain your office building.

Parking Lot

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To make the best use of the company parking lot, the area should be kept clean and tidy.  Hedges should be cut back to maximize parking space, as nobody will want to park their car somewhere it could get scratched by overgrown shrubbery.  Paving tiles should be secure rather than loose, as this could create a tripping hazard that could end up costing your company a lot of money in court.  There should be no potholes in the parking area, as this could damage cars, and parking spaces should be clearly defined to prevent arguments among staff. 


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Elevators need to be in good working order, otherwise, work time could be wasted by people who haven’t allowed themselves enough time to climb the stairs to the top floors.  You could also lose hours of work from people who get stuck in an ill-maintained elevator.  Elevator servicing is a skilled job and should be carried out by a professional elevator service company such as Atis to make sure they are kept in great condition.

Smoke Alarms

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Smoke alarms should be tested regularly to make sure they are working correctly.  Although you would have carried tests out while your employees were working from home, once a lot of them are back it is a good idea to carry out extra checks.  Now that people are filling the building again, this would be a fantastic time to carry out a fire drill so that employees can be reminded what they need to do in the event of a fire. 

Air Conditioning

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Air-conditioning is the most argued about maintenance topic in the workplace and it seems that nobody can ever agree on the optimum temperature. However, if you have not turned it on at all for some time then it may be time to check that it still works and tackle any maintenance issues.  If it isn’t working, you may find some of your employees falling asleep at their desks because the building will get hot and stuffy.


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If you have been neglecting your windows while the building has been empty, then you will need to carry out some maintenance.  Hire a window cleaner to wash them both inside and out and ask them to make a note of any damaged seals or broken catches as they go around.  That way you know which ones need fixing.

These are five maintenance issues that you need to take care of as your employees return to work.  If you can get on top of this list, it will be easier to keep your building maintenance in good shape in the future too.

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