Stunning Holiday destinations that you should visit after the pandemic

Holiday destination

Everybody in family waits patiently for that time of the year – the Holidays! From staying in and reminiscing the ‘Home Alone’ franchise to make-shifting an indoor date situation, we’ve tried it all amidst this pandemic.

Travel vloggers and other people who are still trying to document some astonishing places like coba mexico, kalymnos greece and canary islands in spain etc are giving us intense goals to plan a worthwhile vacation.

Now most of us hold a fear of not being comfortable in big crowds, hence we’re trying to explore paths that are unexplored but deserve tourists to appreciate it’s scenic beauty. So, after our extensive research we’ve hand picked certain mind blowing travel spots for you.

1) Weligama, Sri Lanka

The mesmerizing town of Weligama is on the Southwest coast in Sri Lanka. This beach offers some of the greatest variety of waves in the country, typically from November to April. Weligama literally translates to ‘sandy village’ has grown in popularity from just being a fisherman’s village due to the young surf fanatics from around the world. Even if you are a total beginner, as the waves in this beach and comparitively small and consistent in it’s flow. There are more than 30 surf schools in the area, so if you’re a little uncomfortable then book a class in one of these. There are plenty of surf shops near the beach selling cheap & affordable surfboards, surfing swimsuit and the other required gears. This would be perfect adventureous vacation that you’ll need after sitting in at home for about an year.

2) Manali, India

Manali situated 6260 feet above the sea level in Himachal Pradesh, is one of the most heavenly places in India to visit. If you are wanting to visit the mountains then Manali is the perfect spot for getting into some adventure as well as leisure. There are numerous resort/hotels that face the ethereal mountain range of Himalayas. Mostly tourist take a trip to Manali as complete destination as there are so many different things to do from rafting in Beas river, paragliding in the snow-clad Rohtang Pass, take a hot sulpher bath near Vashist temple. Manali has some of the coziest luxury retreats in the whole country, in winter the temperature can go down to minus degrees so you’d like to get your hands on hotels like The Himalayan Resort & Spa which is one of the best 7 star hotel in india, this property reflects a vintage European castle like feeling.

3) Sylhet, Bangladesh

Sylhet is located in the north-eastern part of Bangladesh. Although it is comparitively smaller when compared to India, Bangladesh has a lot to offer in terms of culture, scenary and food. It stands on the banks of river Surma, with mountains in the background. Sylhet has a distinct dialect which might completely sound foreign even if you’re travelling from neighboring West Bengal but is unique and beautiful nevertheless. Ratargul Swamp Forest is among three swamps in all of south Asia, which is a must visit in Sylhet. You should also make time for Lalakhal, Bisnakandi and the hanging bridge Jaflong over river Dauki.

Conclusion :- 

The United Nation’s World Tourism Organisation declared that every country which recieves millions of visitors each year should implement restrictions on travel as the pandemic was in it’s peak. But as these regulations are becoming milder and people taking vaccine are helping in bringing back the social situation to a new normal. Post-covid travel is certainly going to be different, queues in airport are going to be much longer and strict. 

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