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5 Simple And Cute Hairstyle Ideas By Using Hair Fork

'Baby' Hairstyles

When the outside temperature is high, then you may want to avoid long and heavy hair falling on the face and shoulders. By using the hair fork, you can easily various hairstyles and lock your hair at the nape or crown of your head. During the hot summer season, you may not want to have your hair down. Some of the amazing ways to use hairpins for doing perfect hairstyles for the summer season:

Hairstyle 1 – Twisted Hairstyle

Wrap and twist

To do this hairstyle, you have to take your hair in the backside and start twisting your hair. While twisting take your hair in an upward direction and tuck hair under the twist. If some strands of small hair are coming outside, then you should also tuck them under the twist by using the hair fork.


It is time to secure your updo by using the hair fork. You should ensure that the curved side of the hair fork is in an upward direction. Now, you have to wiggle it a little bit so that it can hold your hair. Once, it is fixed, then you will feel that it is super secure and you do not need to worry about opening up your hairstyle. While choosing the hair fork, you should choose the right style. If you have thin hair, then you should choose hair fork for thin hair.

Hairstyle 2 – Tied 

Twist and tie

You should start this hairstyle by collecting all your hair in the backside and start twisting it. Now, create one small opening with your hands and try to pull the end of the twisted hair through this opening. It is just like tying a knot with your hair. After pulling your hair through the opening, press the bun against your head.


Now, your bun is created and you have to secure it with the hair fork. You have to insert the pin horizontally to catch maximum hair. To insert the pin, you have to wiggle it a little bit to push the pin through the bun. If your hair still sticking out and you are feeling that your bun can open up anytime, then you can insert two fork pins in your bun. By using two fork pins, you can make your bun secure.

Hairstyle 3 – Basic bun

Twist and wrap

Again, you have to do twist and wrap to do this hairstyle. In this hairstyle, we are just going to do a simple bun. Twist hair and create the basic bun. You have to keep twisting it while you are wrapping. After that, you should tuck the ends beneath the bun so that the wrap part will not be visible. Press your bun against the head to make it flat.  


Now, insert the fork pin inside the bun. If there are some loose ends of hair, then you can also take them and insert them inside the bun while inserting the hair fork.

Hairstyle 4 – Double bun

Divide and Roll

It is one of the different and beautiful hairstyles of all. To do this hairstyle, you have to divide your hair into two different sections. Leave the lower section and take the upper one. You have to divide the upper section further into two different sections. Start twisting these two sections of the upper half. You have to twist these two sections with each other. Make sure that you do it down until you reach the end.

Make Bun

Now, take that twisted sections and create a bun. You have to wrap it around itself to form a cute little bun. Finally, tuck the end, flatten the bun and insert the hair fork to secure it at that position. To secure your bun, you should insert hair fork for thick hair.

Repeat Steps

Now, it is time for the bottom section. You have to repeat the same steps which are mention above for the bottom section as well. Again, divide it into two halves and start twisting these two sections. Make a bun with the twisted section and secure it with the hair fork. If you do not want to create a bun of lower hair, then you can the lower half as it is.

Hairstyle 5- Boho Look

Create A Few Braids

You have to create braids on both sides of the head. After creating pulled apart braids, you have to secure these braids with hair string.

Create Bun

After creating the braids, you have to create the half-up bun. Divide your hair into two sections- upper half and lower half. While creating a bun, you should twist the braid inside the bun. Finally, secure a thin bun with hair forks. For extra security, add one more fork pin inside the bun.

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