Things to Look Out for While Purchasing a Good T-Shirt for Men


A t-shirt is a basic piece of clothing that every man needs in life. The category of clothing in men’s sections is indeed very less as compared to that of women. With limited choice, can you even imagine your life without a shirt? What will you possibly wear? A t-shirt is a wardrobe staple for all men. It’s so versatile that men can wear it literally anywhere and still don’t look odd.

Well, when half your life is dependent on these t-shirts, and you know that these can never go out of style, NEVER! Would you instead invest in good t-shirts? Listing down a few things you should take care of while purchasing a T-shirt.

Quality of fabric

Fabric is the first and foremost thing you need to look out for is to add only good t-shirts to your collection. The design, color, and style all come after that; the first criteria would be the fabric. This is because the fabric is going to feel against your skin; hence, it should be comfortable, light, soft, and breathable (especially for summers). Most shirts are made up of 100 percent cotton, but you can always check the mix on the labels. So, always check the fabric if it’s suitable for your skin. Go for a Pima cotton t-shirt for the best comfort.

The design

Of Course, you focus on the design as you pick up the shirts that allure you; only then do you check the fabric. But when we say check the design, we mean more than just the print. You know the design of the shirt can be so overpowering that it can make you overlook all the other criteria, and you can end up buying a cheap quality product. Be it a cool artwork or merchandise of your favorite band; these prints are especially to attract you. So, please don’t fall for it; instead, let design be one of the things you look out for, while considering other points.

The fit of the product

The size and fit of the product are important to some more than others. If you don’t really care about this, you can buy the same size you do in other brands and skip to the next criteria. For those who do care about this, let us tell you that every brand follows its own size chart. Thus, fit can differ from brand to brand in the same size. Always sick to your measurements and shortlist the size.


You know a perfectly fitted t-shirt can become a crop top of double your size after washing. This may have already happened with many of you. Do you know how to figure out whether it’s going to change its fit? Look at the method of construction. It usually happens with knit fabric construction as the overstretched yarns come back to their original size.

These are the most important criteria you should look for while buying a shirt.

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