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Common Myths Associated With Affiliate Management

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate Management can be defined as the process of running an affiliate network. Affiliate marketing is an internet marketing channel in which affiliates promote either the products or services of a merchant via the merchant’s website and receive a commission for each product or service sold. The term Affiliate Management has different meanings according to different contexts. Generally, in a single affiliate network, an ‘owner’ gives access to the affiliate management system for each member to be able to manage his/her own campaign.

Commission Structure

In other cases, it could be a set fee or commission structure for each individual affiliate. The most popular networks, however, are a combination of both where one company (merchant) provides the system for the merchant(s) and the others offer commissions for sales made through their systems. Affiliate Management refers to the management of the affiliates in the network as a whole. The main role of this is to increase the exposure of the merchant or company and increase its/her sales.

There are many ways to succeed in affiliate management. First, you have to select the niche that you want to focus on, the products or services that you think your market needs. Next, find companies that match your specific criteria. Then find good managers or brokers that help you find good programs. These managers or brokers will direct you to the companies that are offering good programs and products to drive traffic to their websites.

False Advertising

Some people also believe that affiliate programs can lead to false advertising. They are of course correct if their goal is to generate leads. However, in affiliate management, it is not true because these programs will only pay you if the people who come in through your links and purchase will convert into buyers. They will not do any false advertising. True, there might be situations where the people who come in from your links and purchase will not convert to actual customers but this is rare.

Another myth is that revenue sharing is the key factor of good affiliate management. Revenue sharing is not always the best thing for affiliate management. The revenue sharing will only help the people who have the links but will not help you in achieving your goals. The goal in affiliate management is to drive traffic to your site and generate sales.

Affiliate Programs

Another myth is that you should just place all your eggs in one basket of affiliate programs. This will not give you the best possible results. In affiliate management, it is important to build up several streams of revenue. These streams can be in the form of referral marketing channels. This involves building up several partnerships with other companies. Your goal is to build up a portfolio of partners and then promote them to the advertising networks.

There is also another myth that affiliates should not contact their affiliates directly. You must have a way to measure your affiliates. A way to measure your affiliates is through credit card payment tracking. You should have a way to evaluate your affiliate management system and see if you are getting the maximum number of referrals. A good tracking system will provide you with the information you need.

Adware and Spyware

One more myth is that the best affiliate management is to use no adware and spyware software. Actually, these tools do not work. Using these tools will not help you get better affiliates. On the contrary, using the tools will prevent you from receiving referrals. A good affiliate manager will make sure that you get referrals from affiliates.

In order to create the best affiliate management, you will have to develop the right relationships with the right affiliates. These relationships will help you generate revenue on autopilot. The following are some of the most important relationships that you should have in order to generate revenue.


A relationship with an affiliate management partner is very important if you want to build your own residual marketing channel. This relationship will ensure that the affiliate managers you recruit know what is happening at your business. In this way, you will receive more commissions. You should also consider choosing the best marketing channel that does not require any recurring payments. If you choose recurring payments, you will be paying for each sale that was made from the referred action.


The above are just some of the common myths associated with affiliate management. You should now understand why having a good affiliate management partner is so important for you to succeed. This will enable you to take your business to the next level faster than you think. You can also start making new affiliates in no time. By following the above tips, you can easily get the ball rolling and begin increasing your network of affiliates today. For Affiliate Management you need to be seo specialist.

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