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9 Potential Signs That You Need A Roof Replacement

Roof Repairs

Typically people assume that everything is alright with their roof until something comes up all of a sudden. As often is the case, they only realize that something is seriously wrong with their roof once they see apparent damage or water leaks from the roof. With the monsoon season around the corner, you don’t want to wake up to a leaky roof. However, you can avoid all these disasters, which makes a roofer installation in Aurora CO, inevitable by knowing about some of the significant signs that you need to replace your roof. Here are a few signs that suggest you need to replace your roof as soon as possible.

Roofer Installation In Aurora CO To Avoid Plant Life

If you’ve started noticing greenery on your roof, perhaps you should brace up for something big. Algae, vines, and fungus catch on and begin to thrive; find a solid place in the corners and cracks of your collapsing roofing material. Furthermore, there’s a high chance that they will also carry an undesired amount of humidity along with them, which is terrible when it comes to maintaining your roof’s integrity. 

You can undoubtedly utilize some chemicals to kill its growth if you spot it in its early stages. You may have to look for a roofer service Denver to replace the roof altogether if things have gone beyond the point of a repair. Probably there’s more greenery under the top, which means the green you can see is just like the tip of the iceberg.

Paper Trail

One of the top steps you can take about your roof is to keep a full trail of the papers. You should precisely know when was the last time you repaired or installed your roof. You can have thorough insight about how much life has left for your roof if you know what’s it’s made of and when it was installed. For instance, you will have to replace a roof after twenty years when it’s installed over existing layers of shingles, while a standard asphalt shingle roof can last about 25 years.

Shingles Are Buckling And Curling

An asphalt shingle is created in a way that should stay flexible and relatively flat during its lifespan. As the shingle ages, though, it can begin to change form. The angles will start to bend up. When both corners start to curl, the shingle will appear as if it’s fastening.

It’s not a big problem when only one or two shingles are curling up. However, it won’t be a bad idea to call in a professional roofer to inspect the roof and do all the required repairs to enhance its lifecycle. You may have to call a roofer installation in Aurora CO and replace your roof if numerous shingles start curling or buckling. 

Damaged Flashing

That is usually about the materials placed around skylights, funnels, and where sections like hips and valleys meet.

Flashing is what prevents the water from damaging the roof, but if it appears fixed out of shape (and has been for some time), your roof may be beyond repair. In this case, you should have a roofer or home inspector come out and inspect the area around the flashing because you won’t be able to assess the extent of damage from the outside.

Check Shingles

You must always watch out for your roof to ensure it remains in a tip-top shape, particularly after a heavy rainstorm. Shingles must stay flat against the ceiling; if you spot buckling, damaged, or cracked areas, then repairs are around the corner. While you’re at it, assess the downspouts and gutters for shingle granules—a roof is perhaps nearing the end of its standard lifespan when it starts losing shingles. 

Missing Granules

You will see a coat of granules fixed in the asphalt layer whenever you look at the top surface of your roof shingles. The damage caused by elements can be deflected through these granules. A shingle in decent form will have a good layer of granules firmly fixed to the surface. 

The granules will be released from the surface and fall into your gutters when your roof shingles deteriorate. You should call in a specialist to inspect your roof if you see a considerable amount of granules in the trenches. It’s an indication that perhaps it’s time for a roof replacement.

Leaks From The Attic

Perhaps one of the most significant symbols that a roof replacement is on the cards is when you notice water coming into your attic. Therefore, you must inspect your attic if there are any water leaks, particularly after a rainstorm.

Sagging Roof Lines

If you see that all of a sudden, your roof lines have started to sag considerably, maybe it’s the best time to get in a professional to inspect your roof. A sagging roof is a clear-cut sign that your home is in a considerable hazard, and it can collapse any second. You must not overlook this sign as it could be an indicator of an imminent threat. Your house will look like it’s been abandoned for years if you ignore this sign.

Light Coming Through Roof

You can watch out for any light coming through your roof by climbing into the attic on a bright sunny day. A place where light can get through is a place where water can also get through. It could be around your funnels or vents where flashing is pulled away. Or maybe it’s somewhere near a missing or cracked shingle. Either way, you should call in a roofer service Denver to make any necessary repairs. You can look beneath the roof when you are up in the attic. Moreover, you can look for signs of decay or humidity.

Just because you have a few damaged places on your roof doesn’t mean that you need a complete roof replacement. You can always rely on our experts Colorado Roofing Company to come up with the best roofing solutions. Thus, get in touch with us today by calling at 303-329-6363.

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