5 Approved Tips to Help You Bag Your Dream Job


When you apply for a job, there are hundreds of thousands of candidates like you who are vying for the same position. Although you have used my resume builder to create an excellent CV, this simple step might not be enough to cut through the queue of candidates. So, how do you become a standout – someone unique with talents and traits that could benefit an organization?

Apart from using resume builders to craft the perfect cover letters and CVs, here are five more tips that will set you apart and make recruiters notice you:

  1. Know the traits that impress recruiters

Read the advertisement of the job posting properly to understand what the employers are looking for. Also, look up the website of your future employer to know more about their core values. Read through the blog posts or the profile of the CEO or manager heading the department you want to join.

Simultaneously, focus on industry trends and practices as well. In general, remember that employers look for the four Cs in the candidates. They are – critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication.

  • Make your resume match with your job

Would you turn up to bag the job of a designer with a new grad nursing resume? That would be something bizarre, right? Make sure that your resume does not offer generic information. Instead, it must have relevant data as per the job.

For example, a sales executive’s CV must be self-promotional. A professional editor’s CV must be concise and grammatically accurate. A manager’s CV must be organized. Different industries demand varied approaches. So, make sure your CV matches your job posting before sending it in.

  • Follow-up more than once

After you have sent in your resume, do not wait to hear from the employer. Instead, be proactive about it and make a call or send an email to boost your chances. You may feel this is being pushy, but employers often take a second look due to a candidate’s proactiveness.

Following up also shows that you are really interested in getting the job at the said organization. That said, make sure to know the thin line between inquiring and annoying someone. Do not make repeated calls every alternate day.

  • Speed your replies

When the employer gets back to you with an email, respond to it quickly, preferably in a few minutes or so. This shows that you are a highly energetic person who is also engaged with work.

You may miss out on the chance if you reply after two or three days since employers will not wait around patiently. Fast replies show that you are a seasoned job seeker.

  • Prepare for phone interviews

This is important, more so due to the pandemic raging on. Before the phone screening interview, make sure to research the company and the job designation you have applied for. Ready a corner of your room that is distraction-free.

If it is a video call, sit somewhere well-lit. When the employer calls, focus on your body posture and tone. Do not zone out or let your anxiety show on your face.

When applying for a job, be prepared to take on all challenges. Starting from the resume to the cover letter to your knowledge about the company – you must be prim and proper with it all. If you can stand out and shine among the crowd, your dream company will certainly notice you and offer you the job. All the best!

Summary: With the competition in the professional world getting fiercer by the minute, how do you land your dream job? Read this article to know what simple steps you can take to bag the job leaving everyone in the race.

Author Bio: David Logan is a human resource manager in an MNC in London, the UK. He is also associated with the brand MyAssignmenthelp.com where he has given his insights into the resume builder tool / LinkedIn summary generator of the site. Erring loves to travel and read in her free time.

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