5 Essential Moving Supplies

Moving Supplies

Moving is a mix of extreme stress and endless hope and excitement.  We want our future home to be everything we dream it can be, but the process of getting into it is stressful.  From boxes getting put in storage meant to be in the home to poorly packed items breaking in transit, there’s always something that has to go wrong with a move. 

These are the top five moving supplies everyone should use for their next relocation!

Heavy Duty Tape

Heavy-duty tape may not seem important, but it can completely change your moving experience.  If you overpack a box, or you have one full to the brink with books, you’ll be able to trust that the bottom won’t fall out with the right tape. 

When you smooth tape onto a box, ensure that you press the tape in against it with a flat  and straight surface so that it will be able to bind as much as possible with the box,

Boxes of Varying Sizes

Although most companies that sell moving boxes offer them in various sizes, some people try to pack everything they can in only the largest boxes possible.  Don’t fall for this common mistake!  The larger your box is, the lighter the items that should go in it.  Heavy items need smaller boxes so that they don’t tear through the tape.  Save your heavier objects for smaller boxes and bags that can hold up against the pressure.

Professional Movers

This moving secret is one that people still avoid.  If you still bribe your friends over with pizza and beer if they help you move: you’re not doing right by your belongings or by your friends.  This may seem like a strong statement to make, but the average moving day can take hours longer if you’re having to talk your friends through every step and load everything piece by piece into cars.  Instead, allow the pros to get it done in two or three hours.  You can still ask your friends to help you pack, but professional movers aren’t something to avoid anymore.

Clear Ways to Mark Boxes

It would help if you came up with a system for what boxes go where.  This means putting in the time to either color code, write on every box, or use a label-maker to guide movers where the boxes are going.  This is even more important if some packets are getting donated or others are going into storage.  Set a clear labeling system ahead of time and then enforce it when packing and moving.

Time Management Skills

Many may not think that time management skills are an important part of moving, but before you even look at Vancouver homes for sale, you should try to set up a guideline for what you want to happen and when.

Decide how much time it should take for you to pack everything you own, and decide if you’re willing to break a lease early to move into a home you’ve purchased.  Time management will allow your moving day to go off without a hitch while failing to plan could be detrimental.

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