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Online consultations are a boon in this pandemic. There are many medical apps for patients on the internet. Let’s look at some medical apps for doctors online.

Technology has streamlined seeking consultation from a specialist anywhere around the world from the comfort of home. Many healthcare providers have launched their apps and websites to book online consultations easily.

Similarly, there are many medical app for doctors to handle digital appointments, prescriptions, etc., conveniently. With the help of such technology, now doctors can better focus on providing quality treatment rather than administering the entire consultation process.

Let’s look at some medical apps for doctors that they must have.

Bajaj Finserv Health

Bajaj Finserv Health Doctor is a healthcare app exclusively designed for the convenience of doctors. The app offers not only easy online consultation but also unique features that make your practice hassle-free. In addition, it has a virtual receptionist that assists you in managing routine medical calls and lets you focus on delivering the best healthcare to your patients.

Moreover, the auto-suggest medicine tool with a massive medicine database helps in digital prescription without the tension of writing one again and again. More importantly, you can manage online and offline appointments in a single dashboard and track a patient’s journey until the end without missing out on any information.


It is a crucial application for doctors that enables you to create and print prescriptions within seconds without the hassle of writing or typing. The unique features of the Prescrip app make it very easy to maintain patient records. For instance, the app works offline perfectly, has a simple user interface, prints prescriptions within seconds, unlimited storage and SMS follow-up reminders.

One of the best features of Prescrip is clinical analysis statistics that analyses prescriptions for likely outcomes. Hence, this application automates the entire prescription and appointment management system. With this app, a doctor need not worry about misplaced or forgotten prescriptions.

Practo Pro

Practo is a popular name in the online medical consultation industry. They have an exclusive app for medical professionals that helps them manage their practice with technology. The app lets you view a patient’s medical history and book follow-up consultations. In addition, you can actively engage with your patients with the patient feedback and know the areas of improvement.

The technology-driven practice management software RAY simplifies and automates the entire patient consultation process. Also, features like Practo-Profile and Practo-Reach make the app a must-have. For example, with a Practo profile, you can put up your profile and update it from time to time for patients to see.

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Another essential app on the list is Lybrate. It is equipped with intelligent practice management software for administering your consultations. Lybrate is a trustworthy name among many health professionals. You can decide your timing and availability for online consultations without having to compromise your in-clinic consultations.

Moreover, Lybrate helps in reaching out to a considerable number of patients online with the help of a free website. It also has a question and answer section, wherein doctors can post medical advice for free for the needy.


CareApp is a medical app for doctors from the MFine app team. The mHealth apps for patients are loved by people all around the globe. For the ease of handling practice solely, CareApp is simple to use with effective practice management software. You can manage your appointments, cancellations, fee, prescriptions, patient’s database etc., with its basic user interface.

Many times, apps can be overwhelming and confusing, but CareApp has a streamlined process for consultations. You can offer consultation to your patients via texts, calls and video conferencing. Moreover, you can answer queries at the doubt forums easily for patient’s clarity.


With COVID-19, going out for physical consultation for patients has become near to impossible. This has severely impacted the healthcare industry. While doctors continue to fight as frontline workers, they barely get time to attend to their regular patients with chronic ailments.

Online medical apps for doctors take off the burden of offering consultation physically. Instead, you can schedule appointments at your convenience and provide medical advice from the comfort of your home.

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