5 Reasons You May Need a Lawyer in Dubai

No matter how much you try to be on the good side of the law, circumstances may push you to file a case against someone or be at the receiving end of the same. This calls for hiring an attorney or a lawyer firm.

In a place like Dubai, where the law is enforced and followed strictly, many believe that you don’t need lawyer when everything falls into place on its own. However, this is not exactly right. There are many cases in which you may require the services of an attorney in Dubai. Let’s take a look at some of them:

Unfair Termination from Job

If, in an unfortunate case, you have been terminated unfairly from your job, you would need legal representation. As per article 120 UAE labour law, no company can terminate an employee without a valid cause. Doing so can have repercussions. So, you must be aware of your rights as an employee in Dubai. And for this, you need to equip yourself with the UAE labour law. Of course, it can be hard to understand the law, but getting a grasp of major details can certainly help.


Coming back to unfair termination, taking legal help can assist in safeguarding your rights. If your claim proves to be true, you will be compensated for your loss, and the company will face legal actions.

Criminal Charges

Needless to say, if you have been charged with a crime, you would need an attorney to defend yourself. Whether you plead guilty or not to the said crime, your legal representative will help battle your case on your behalf in front of the magistrate. They will take into account even the minute of details and present your case in an effective manner in court. In case you plead guilty, they will try to keep the penalty or serving time to the minimum, depending on the crime. And if you’re not guilty, they will do their best to prove you innocent.

A Case of a Car Accident

The first thing you need to do, when involved in a car accident in Dubai, is to inform the police. Also, experts recommend clicking some pictures of the vehicle, particularly where damage has occurred. Once the police have arrived at the scene, they will assess the situation and give you a police report. This report shows which party was at fault and caused the accident.

If you believe you have been wrongly blamed for the accident, you can hire a lawyer. They will go through the entire report and the pieces of evidence (pictures). Based on this information, they will present your case in court.

Setting Up Your Business

Dubai happens to be one of the most preferred choices for entrepreneurs. A soaring economy, a lot of prospects and a no-tax policy are some of the main factors that attract investors and entrepreneurs here. However, setting up a business here is no easy task, particularly if you’re a foreigner.

There are numerous steps for which you will need legal assistance. For example, you will need to select a local sponsor who will serve as a 51% partner. And they are entitled to receive a yearly fee as well. To make a contract with them, you will need the help of a law firm in Dubai.

Family Issues

In many cases, family issues can aggravate in such a manner that one needs legal help to sort the matter. Divorce, alimony issues, property issues, etc., are some of the examples of such cases.

Also, if you’re planning to adopt a baby in Dubai, you will require a family law attorney who will handle the proceedings on your behalf. They will be responsible for negotiating terms with the birth parents of the baby and representing you in court hearings as well.

Final Thoughts

In a nutshell, there are many instances where taking legal help becomes mandatory. To ensure you get the best representation, hire a reliable and experienced attorney. You can easily find a lawyer firm in Dubai that’s willing to take your case. But, you need to be very careful in making the selection. Do not take this decision in a hurry. Take various factors into consideration when choosing an attorney for yourself. 

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