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5 Reasons Why You Should Use Sunscreen Every Day


We all know that wearing sunscreen is important but we still take our chances and skip using this product daily.

One of the reasons why most people skip using sunscreen is to pick up the most suitable product. With so many options available in the market, like matte sunscreen or gel-based, it is important to first consider the one with natural and organic ingredients to additionally protect the skin from chemical damage.

This is not just any beauty product. It is a precaution for many other ailments that we even don’t know can be caused by UV rays. Read below to know that sunscreen is not only for even-toned skin but also for everlasting youthful skin:

  1. Cut Down the chances of Skin cancer

There three types of skin cancer and the chances of happening of these can be ruled out by fifty percent by regularly applying sunscreen. A sunscreen with more than SPF 30 is recommended to protect skin from damage and cancer.

UV rays suppress immune protecting cells’ DNA, reducing the ability of cells to fight cancer and other conditions. A weak immune system also causes damage to free radical cells affecting the skin and body as a whole.

Using sunscreen is imperative and reapplication necessary after:

  • every 2 hours for prolonged exposure to the sun
  • sweating and swimming
  • wiping and towelling 
  1. Prevent Premature Skin Ageing

Sunscreen is your best friend to grow old with. A study shows that 90% of visible signs of ageing, fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging, are caused by UV rays. UV rays disrupt the functioning of elastin and collagen, reflecting signs of ageing on the skin.

Photoaging causes discolouration and thickening of the skin, giving it a leathery look.

Not only these, but UV rays exposure also results in hyperpigmentation or sunspots by excessive production of melanin by melanocytes (responsible for pigment production).

You can decrease the signs of ageing by 24% by applying sunscreen daily for youthful, spotless, and glowing skin. 

  1. Gain Even Skin Tone

Sunrays when hit the skin directly cause tanning and burning. Tan and sunburn does not speared evenly on the skin and can cause red and tanned spots.

Moreover, the exposed parts get more tanned than the covered parts of the body leaving uneven toned skin colour, easily observed on:

  • Face
  • Hands
  • Back
  • Shoulders
  • Neck

A sunscreen does the magic and keeps the skin colour even by protecting exposed body parts against tan and painful burns.

  1. Safeguard Skin from Sun sensitivity and Sunburn

Long exposure to the sun, especially during peak hours or around reflective areas, can cause sunburns and sunspots. Sunburns can be painful, itchy, and give a burning sensation.

Sunburns cause severe skin damages and increase the chances of skin cancer.

For people with hypersensitivity or sensitivity to sunrays, sunscreen is a blessing in disguise. Such people easily develop the problem of sunburn and sunspots with other severe conditions. They are even prone to lupus and rosacea caused by sensitivity to the sun.

All you need to do is avoid long and continuous exposure to UV rays and wear sunscreen whenever you go out.

  1. Prevent Broken Blood Vessels

UV rays can cause thinning of blood vessels by damaging the walls of the vessels. This problem is known as telangiectasias. A person with this particular problem can see the appearance of bruises on the skin and even bleeding if not addressed well in time.

Lotus Organics Mineral sunscreen is the best way to protect your skin against damages caused by harmful UV rays. Apply a liberal amount of sunscreen covering entire exposed areas for better result and protection.

Pro tip: Wear sunscreen even on a cloudy day. You may not see the sun but the UV rays penetrate the cloud and don’t really leave you alone.

These reasons are convincing enough to get you the right sunscreen right away. Check out our range of sunscreens available in gel and cream base that are paraben-free, cruelty-free, and preservative-free, cautiously made using 100% natural and organic ingredients to give you smooth, lustrous, beautiful, and healthy skin.

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