9 Features A Good Health Insurance Plan Should Have

With the competitive lifestyle schedule of people, the risk of the individual suffering from an illness also has scaled up.

As living expenses have scaled up in metros and other towns, medical fees are sky-rocketing. In this case, the best advisable thing is to go for health insurance and cover the medical expenses, thereby saving money and other emergency resources.

Several plans are accessible to the insurer provided by the government and private health insurance providers to fill in every factor of a medical emergency.

You buy health insurance for yourself and your family to ensure you are ready for small and large health care necessities and expenses.

Keeping in mind the necessities of the people, the health insurance firms have come out with numerous plans to fit individuals, family members, communities of people, and senior residents. And it would help if you are sure that insurance contains the necessary features. Here are the most vital ones to make sure your insurance company incorporates these.

  1. Reliability

Constructing a long-term relationship is mutually effective. When your health insurance facilitator knows your needs and preferences, it is better suited to provide relevant, personalized advice that suits your requirements (particularly when new products or services become available). Whenever feasible, select a company with an authentic track record of retention; it’s generally a hint of member fulfillment and ongoing customer care.

  1. Sub-Limits in Health Plans

The claim during hospitalisation may be tied to the compartment rent, which the total insured specifies in the health insurance policy you attained. However, If you prefer to go for a room with a greater room rent, the other medical expenditures in the hospital bill get proportionately lessened. In such a case, you end up spending from your pocket even though you hold a cashless medical insurance program. Therefore, it’s excellent to ask the insurers about the sub-limits, their functions, and its influence before purchasing.

  1. Maternity Coverage

All Health Policies do not include costs related to maternity. Check back to peek if yours does. Some policies may encompass maternity but with a pre-specified waiting duration.

Your health insurance should encompass the medical necessities you have without covering those you don’t possess. For instance, if you expect to have a baby, ensure your policy covers prenatal and maternity fees.

Moreover, make sure it contains reasonable and quality coverage for baby and child medical expenditures. Of course, if you do not schedule to have a baby, you do not require this kind of coverage, so it’s fine to buy a policy that doesn’t emphasise such coverage.

  1. Wellness Benefits

Inspect back to observe if your Health Insurance policy offers a fixed number of cash annually for health or fitness services such as a gym membership. That’s not a horrible feature at all – given you make the purpose of it, of course!

  1. Health Check-ups

Most insurers propose health check-ups without fees once every three or four years, offering no claim on the policy. Use it to your advantage to get a full-body check-up. The amount is capped at 1 percent of the sum insured and therefore pays the amount surpassing the bill but better to obtain a full-body check-up. The additional amount may get a tax benefit too. There is also a tax privilege on premium insurance provided by some companies.

  1. .Transparency

Making the best outcomes relies on having the correct data. Therefore, whenever feasible, your health insurance firm should give access to the information you require (if it’s permitted to do so) or provide an acceptable reason (e.g., privacy regulations) if it cannot.

  1. Timeliness

When you require an answer, you expect it right away. If there are any problems, your health insurance company should serve hard to get a satisfying solution and react quickly. Above all, you shouldn’t be held waiting for need-to-know input.

  1. Employees Care Plus

The company you are paying, do they offer employer medical insurance? Extensive life and health insurance plans to empower financial bonus to employees and their families in case of casualty, disability or sickness.

  1. Claim Settlement Ratio

We kept the best for last! It’s important to realise what percentage of claims for a specific policy gets declined and what percentage encounters. A high claim concession ratio is wanted. It would be helpful if you look for a ratio of at least 90 to 95%. Anything minor than 80% is a no-go.


There are several other aspects that your health insurance should encompass, depending on your special needs. When you require group health insurance, the support you obtain can make a big difference in the integrity of your overall experience. Selecting a responsive provider is a substantial part of assuring that it’s as simple and effortless as possible.

Evaluate what you and your family wish and what you can pay for when specifying the best features for you.

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