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The image of the home interior is created by details. One of the most important elements of the interior is the curtains, which, depending on the type, length, and color of the fabric used, give the interior a unique character. When starting to choose day night blinds, there are many questions – which curtains are perfect for small windows, and which – the most suitable for large, what curtain fabric will achieve the best effect, how to buy curtains cleverly and enjoy the result for a long time. What day night blinds should you pick?

We will advise you:

  • What cornices you can choose;
  • Where shorter curtains will fit and where it is better to choose a long one;
  • What type of curtains to choose for small windows and which are suitable for hanging in the kitchen;
  • What fabric to choose for daytime curtains.

It is not always easy to buy the right daytime curtains. Before you buy, you should pay attention to a few elements that will affect the final visual effect. Curtains for large windows should be chosen differently than for smaller windows, such as in the kitchen.

Also keep in mind that a stylish image is also obtained thanks to other details, such as what you will hang the curtains on or tie them, what cornices and what type of pleating you will choose.

What type of daytime curtains to choose?

First of all, we recommend taking into account what you will hang the curtains on and where. We distinguish the following main types of day curtains: pencil, terry and ring curtains.

  • Pencil-fold day night blinds are the most popular and practical and inexpensive curtain-folding solution suitable for various interiors.
  • The strip sewn on the top of the curtain has loops behind which the cornice hooks are hung. This option is suitable for hanging both on a tubular cornice and on a ceiling rail.
  • Terry curtains are also a convenient and beautiful way to hang day night blinds. Just put loops on the curtain cornice pipe and the window decor is already decorating your window.

Just remember to take into account the height of the loops when measuring the distance from the curtain cornice to the window niche, the loops must be raised above the window niche, otherwise you will see gaps in the window.

This option is perfect for classic, Provencal or rustic-style interiors. Curtains with loops provide more folding options.

You decide for yourself the width of the pleats and the final appearance of the pleats.

  • Day curtains with rings – this type of day night blinds looks elegant and modern and creates the impression of orderliness, tighter lines. We recommend choosing rings that have noise protection.
  • Ring-fold curtains are easy to use because you can install them easily and quickly and this type of curtain slides smoothly through the curtain cornice. This solution is ideal for frequently opening balcony or terrace windows.

Day time curtains

Just note that some types of curtains are suitable for cornices with pipes and hooks, others can also be hung on a rail or ceiling cornice.

So before you buy curtains, find out what type of day night blinds cornice you have or plan to buy.

In summary, tubular cornices with rings are suitable for all types of curtains, just as pencil-fold day curtains are suitable for all cornices.

If you already know which method of installing curtains is suitable for windows, choose the right type of cornice, which depends on the number of curtains to be hung.

You can hang only a day curtain or only a night day night blinds on the window, in which case you will need one cornice pipe or rail, if you want to have both options, then you would need a double set of cornices with two pipes or rails. If you are going to hang mini curtains – pylons in the window, then you should choose mini cornices that attach to the window.

When it comes to choosing the length of daytime curtains, two options are most commonly used: when the curtain reaches the windowsill or when it reaches the floor.

Both solutions have their advantages and disadvantages. Shorter curtains – pencil cases are easier to maintain, in addition, they will look better on small windows, so they are perfect in the kitchen. Another popular choice is long curtains, this choice has various advantages – they cover the radiator, enhance the aesthetic appearance of the room.

The choice of length depends only on your preference, but remember: the longer the curtains, the more cozy and ornate the space will look.

Day night blinds for small windows

A great solution in the kitchen can be short curtains, there are several types:

  • The upper curtain, also known as the pelmet, is a curtain that hangs in the upper part of the window. This is a typical finish that does not interfere with the view and does not block the light entering.
  • The lower curtain is a short curtain that covers the bottom of the window. This is a good solution if you want to hide the view from the neighbors at home, but at the same time want to see through the window.

What fabric to choose for daytime curtains?

If all your doubts about the choice and hanging of the curtains have been allayed, it is time to choose the fabric, color and pattern. Classic white, perfect for interiors dominated by cooler gray or white, is a versatile choice and will fit most interiors.

You can choose fabrics and with a light shade, the most popular option is ivory fabric, which will look great in warmer-colored interiors.

If you still want to choose daytime curtains with a sufficiently bright color, we warn you that your interior will take on the shades of the chosen color, as well as block more of the sunlight entering the interior.

In addition to color, also consider the transparency of the curtains. You can choose transparent or semi-transparent day night blinds (partially blocking the sun’s rays).

Day curtains usually have a decorative function and are not used to completely isolate from the outside world or darken the interior. It is worth remembering that the fabrics from which day curtains are made have different degrees of darkness, thanks to which they can let in more or less light.

In conclusion

Before buying day night blinds, take into account some of the tips we have provided and enjoy a successful result in your home. Give it some time and think before purchasing. If you still need any help or you would like to learn more feel free to check out blinds-2-you

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