Fishing lures and their differences

If we had to name arguments why thousands of strong genders are just waiting for the moment to escape fishing. It would be just a few reasons from many – to be in nature, forget everyday worries, and most importantly catch fish! And from where else is it possible to bring the catch home and make a delicious lunch out of it? And although many types of bait are available, it is worth noting that artificial baits for fish have recently become a particularly popular choice. So how do you choose the right one? Here are some insights on what type of fishing lures you should use.

Great Artificial fishing baits

What artificial bait should be collected in case large and predatory fish are planned to be caught? Gums that mimic and replicate the movements of fallen fish are very suitable. So such bait is great for attracting agile, large, and other similar fish.

Another possible choice for artificial bait is a wobbler. The latter can be with steeper tongues or with sloping ones. The first type of wobblers is a great choice when preparing to fish in a river. While the second type – when preparing to fish in a pond or lake. However, this is not all you need to know about this type of artificial bait. It is worth noting that wobblers can be floating or sinking. The former is commonly used for fishing in shallow lakes. While the latter is used for fishing in deep lakes. However, it is worth noting that wobblers are named as the most popular type of artificial bait.

Shiny glosses and their advantages

If you are looking for a universal choice, then glosses are perfect. Glosses can be used for fishing in the sea, lake, pond, or river.

When choosing artificial thoughts, it is important to remember one more thing – they should make as much noise as possible. The higher it is, the more likely it is that the fish will catch.

Another possible option is artificial bait made of rubber for fish. However, it should be noted that this type of bait is also called seasonal. As it is only used for a certain part of the year.

It should be emphasized that today artificial baits make up a very large selection. Different shapes, colors, types of designs, sizes. So, it’s no surprise that it can be difficult for a buyer to choose (especially if they haven’t used artificial bait). So, all that remains is to add that if you still do not know which artificial bait would be most suitable for you. Do not miss the opportunity to consult with the staff of the online store.

Regular twists

Typically, we mainly use classic twists, the construction of which is characterized by the weight being mounted on the axis below the twisted blade, which can be of the “aglia”, “comet”, “blade” or “long” type. The latter twists with long willow-shaped leaves are needed for spinning in the fastest flow. They have the least “load” on the spinning, but more importantly, these baits are the easiest to control in the flow. 

However, when you need to float the bait at a depth of just a few centimeters, you will not be able to do without another type of twist, the leaf of which is closed on the axis of the twist like a steak on a spit. These twists drill the flow beautifully and lure the suspects from the hiding places under the watercress suspiciously. 

Classical twists with fishing lures

Classic twists with other types of baits are more suitable where the flow is slower or blackened by the depth of the pits. The classic aglia and comet twists attract perch and pike in such places, but keep in mind that the baits will swell with the flow constantly aiming to bring them to the surface. So you won’t be able to do anything without the specially designed twists that weigh a pound in front. These shakes are a handy tool for sniffing the bottom of pits if you expect to be below the dam’s stork. Light spinning Midsummer is the time to use ultralight and light spinning.

In conclusion

Well, in the end, all that remains is to add that artificial lures are a great choice not only for anyone who wants to catch fish but also for anyone who cares about the environment. It is worth emphasizing that artificial baits can be used many times, thus less polluting the environment. However, that is not all – this will save you money as well. Thus, in summary, it can be concluded that artificial lures are a great choice not only for those who want to protect nature but also for those who like economical choices. In addition, artificial meditation is particularly easy to maintain. With proper care, it will last a long time.

So if you want the fish to catch you, now you really know what bait to choose. If you are interested in high-quality baits feel free to check

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