Industry-wide leap towards custom printed boxes that is turning heads:

custom printed boxes

Since time immemorial, humans have been fascinated by art and what it represents. Interestingly, those who made timeless artistic treasures were some of the most brilliant people of their times. Their devotion to art and its subsidiary fields have opened pathways for future generations. Their efforts and their labor produced such intriguing, and sometimes inexplicable, masterpieces that words fall short in describing them. Thus, their concentrated efforts and their consequent produce provided evidence of the limitless capacity of the human mind to produce unique works.

Moving forward, this inherent ability, unique only to humans, have made humans able to excel in fields beyond art. In this modern age, people are using this ability of theirs to produce products that, a few centuries ago, would have baffled them. Hence, this ability has also been serving the box manufacturers from quite some time and, by using it, they are able to produce boxes that are propelling businesses to never before seen heights. Businesses are seeing huge growth not just in monetary terms, but also in terms of their reach and their influence. Thus, brands are becoming cognizant of the customer’s aspirations.

People today are aware of what they want. Thus, box manufacturers are also aware of the aspirations of their customers. And, by combining this knowledge with their inherent creating ability, they are able to produce boxes that captivates and tempt the customers into buying their products. This leap in sales is brought by an ingenious invention called custom printed boxes. These boxes, as evident from the name, have custom printed images on them. These images, inspired by bland and rather ordinary things, hold the customers in awe. Thus, it achieves the desired purpose of the manufacturers. And amongst a sea of custom boxes, custom printed boxes at Gator Packaging has taken the cake.

Printing: the jewel in the crown:

Unusual things either inspire fear or awe. In the case of custom boxes, the latter is true. The unusual the box design, the more attraction thus it will garner. But this “unusualness” is not due to the box itself. All boxes are the same. They are made of the same material, and usually have the same limited and monotonous design. The thing that differentiates a custom box from a non-custom box is the printing. Yes, printing is the one thing that can either propel the box to the heights of popularity or bury it in the cold hard ground of obscurity.

The emphasis on printing cannot be understated, as it is the one thing which requires an out of the box thinking. That is, what to print? And how to print that can become popular on a mass scale? Both of these questions are tough, but bigger problems have been solved, and the evidence to this can be seen in the massive popularity of some of the famous brands that exist today.

To answer the first question, printing anything won’t solve the problem. Rather printing a catchy tag line or a slogan that depicts the essence of the product is required. This will not only look captivating but will also project the ideals of the company and the information of the product on the box as well. So, to achieve this a seasoned graphics designer is hired. The job of the designer is to create captivating and aesthetically appealing designs. Once the design is finalized the box manufacturing enters into the next phase: the printing.

Now about the second question, printing has to be fine and of high quality. A bad print job can be disastrous for the products sale; hence it is of critical importance to have high-quality printing done on the box. Two famous techniques that are used industry-wide, and are famous for their effectiveness and quality are the CMYK and PMS printing techniques. Both of these combine different colors to make a distinct color scheme, that is specific to that product. After completing printing the box is then made ready, to be sent to different industries for packing different products.

Industry-wide application of custom printed boxes:

As each and every industry requires packing, hence box manufacturers have quite a lot on their hands. They have to design, each and every day, unique images, slogans, and tag lines for a plethora of industries. Thus, this is a challenging and demanding task and requires exorbitant amounts of mental strength, iron will, and most of all patience. And of course, creativity is a common aspect of each and every industry. Thus, here are some of the custom printed packaging boxes:

  1. Cosmetic Boxes
  2. Food Boxes
  3. Display Boxes
  4. Mailer Boxes
  5. E-Cigarette Boxes
  6. Christmas Boxes
  7. Vape Boxes
  8. Noodle Boxes
  9. Wine Boxes
  10. Bottle Boxes
  11. Donut Tray Boxes
  12. Lip Balm Display Boxes
  13. Health Counter Display Boxes
  14. Coffee Product Display Boxes

These are a small number of boxes, but it applies to each and every field. Thus, widening the scope of custom printed boxes.

Designs alterations: simple yet effective:

Custom printed boxes can be subjected to many designs alterations, but it is the simple ones that have proven to be most effective. Their simplicity in design is not due to bad designing, on the contrary, it is deliberate. The reason for this is that, if further design adjustments are to be made later, then the entire structure of the box should not be changed. Some of the most common designs that are used are as follows:

  1. Embossing
  2. Raised Ink
  3. Custom window cutouts
  4. PVC sheet
  5. Gold/silver foiling

Also, a matte finish can be done on the boxes, which is another type of design alteration.


Hence, custom printed boxes are one of the most beautifully designed, have the best printing and can be subjected to design alternations, if the need arises. Their popularity is immense. And their application in almost every industry is recognized.

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