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How to recognize if someone blocked you on Instagram?


Instagram is nowadays one of the most utilized social media platforms all across the globe. Through this, you can connect with old friends, stay in touch with loved ones living far away, meet new people, make new friends, advertise your products or business, and much more.

When someone signs up for an Instagram profile, they get followers to grow your account. But, all the followers you get will not speak well for you.

There is another option on Instagram, i.e., blocking someone or being blocked by someone, which isn’t much addressed. You may have been blocking people in the past, but what if you suspect someone has blocked you? Is there any way to confirm this? Yes! There is more than one way of finding this out & all of them are easy to try.

3 Easiest ways to know if someone blocked you         

If you are looking to know if someone blocked you on Instagram, here you are at the right place. There are more than a few ways to know that & you can try one or all of them to make sure if someone blocked you on Instagram.

Method#1: Search for the person’s profile

It is the easiest way & most people try out this when they suspect if someone blocked you on Instagram. In the search field on Instagram, type that particular person’s name. If you can see their entire profile, including videos, pictures, and other content they posted, it means that you are not blocked. What about the private accounts, then? Even if the account is private & you can spot the messages there, you are not blocked.

On the other hand, if you cannot see their posts, pictures, videos, or messages are also not being showed up, you are blocked. Only you will see the counts at the screen top & nothing else.

Method#2: Look at your DMs

If you suspect that someone on Instagram has blocked you, you can check it by looking at your DMs. These personalized messages are for two participating persons only. As these are not public so, No other person can see them. So, if one person has blocked the other and has a past conversation, no one will see it.

So, you can always confirm by looking at your DMs whether the person has blocked you or not. Just make sure they haven’t deactivated their account & you are misinterpreting it.  

Method#3: Try clicking follow button

Last but not least, check whether a person has blocked you on Instagram or not by clicking their follow button. If the other person has blocked you, you won’t be able to follow. So, it won’t change to ‘following’ from ‘follow’ whenever you click on that button. If you fear that Instagram will notify the other person by clicking the follow button, it’s wrong. If the other person has already blocked you, he/she won’t know that you have tried to click their follow button.

Want to block someone? Here the way to do that

It was all about checking if someone on Instagram is blocking you. Now come towards you want to block someone, how to do that?

This process, too, is very much easy & only requires a few clicks from your end. First of all, open the profile of the person you want to block. At the top of your screen, you will see the three dots; now, you have to click on them & then select block to block that person. That’s it.

The person you have blocked can mention you in their posts, but you won’t get notified. In short, if you have blocked someone, you won’t hear anything from them ever again unless you unblock again. If your Instagram actions are blocked, you can’t block or unblock someone.

Potential reasons behind blocking

Why someone blocked you? OR Why you want to block someone? There are some specific potential reasons behind this, as no one blocks the other person without any reason, whether it’s Instagram or other social media platforms. Let’s go through some common reasons for this.

Awful interactions

The first & foremost reason why people finally decide to block someone is the bad interaction with the followers, fan, or other Instagram user. For instance, you have a follower who always leaves a nasty comment on your posts to annoy you. You will want for some days & you will be forced to block that follower. On the other hand, some people are intended to create a mess on your posts by fighting. So, blocking someone means stopping another person from commenting on your posts ever again.

Fake accounts

There are more than a few fake accounts on Instagram. The purpose of people behind making these fake accounts may be different but such accounts are of no value to you. These ghosts’ profiles don’t have any engagement or activity. But, Instagram doesn’t usually remove these accounts, unfortunately. Everyone on Instagram looks for the interaction, but rather than providing you this, and these will hinder the overall process. So, most people choose to block these accounts.

Buy Instagram followers & buy Instagram likes are the most common strategies these days to increase engagement. If you choose to buy this stuff from a reliable spot, you will get the desired results. But, if you choose to purchase followers from the wrong spot, you will all get spam or fake accounts. So, you can get rid of them as well by blocking them.

So, it was all about learning how to block someone on Instagram, know if someone blocked you & the reasons behind blocking. If you have blocked someone, it’s not permanent. If you regret your decision or want to hear from them again, you can unblock quickly. But being blocked by someone else is not in your control. In addition, if you are looking for ways to grow your account & boost your visibility, click here & you can buy Instagram likes, buy Instagram followers.

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