A complete guide to custom bookmarks

custom bookmarks

What can be more pleasing than reading a book? The very touch of paper, the fragrance coming from it, the texture, the feelings, and whatnot. In short, reading a book is very overwhelming. It excites a person and makes him happy to have a book in one’s hand. With the latest inventions in technology, texts have also gone digital. One can access any book online and can read it from the screen. But nothing can replace the charm of holding the book in one’s hand and taking it with oneself wherever one goes. The book becomes the best companion of a person. It always stays with the person no matter where he/she goes. People who are avid readers know how much difficult it becomes if a person loses the page from which he/she is reading. It takes so much item to find again from where one left. The best solution to counter this trouble is using a custom bookmark printingFollowing is a complete guide on bookmarks.

What are custom bookmarks:

Customised bookmarks are bookmarks that are specially made and modified according to the seller’s choice. Their material, design, colour, shape, size; hence, everything can be molded to make them look like dream bookmarks. They are the best reading companions. They never let the reader feel that he has lost the path. They always serve as a guide to track the reader’s success. A truly motivated reader is always short of bookmarks. One can have different bookmarks for different books. These bookmarks may match with the particular genre of the book. They may contain some beautiful graphic design to suit the fictional novel or may have a wise quotation for some non-fictional book. Hence, a reader may decide which bookmark to use for a particular book.

What are the customisation options available?

There are various custom bookmark printing options available. There can be any size that suits the seller. Moreover, there can be any design on the bookmark. The person can either present his design or may ask some professional designer to assist in providing the design. The custom printing ink may also be decided by the person himself. One may decide to choose CMYK, PMS, or no printing option.

Market your brand:

If a seller desires to market his brand, it is a very innovative option to use bookmarks for this purpose. The bookmarks may contain the company logo that makes the reader remember the brand every time he opens the book. This marketing strategy is especially beneficial for book shops and stationery shops. They may provide complimentary bookmarks to their customers.

Add some inspiring quotation to the bookmark:

It is a very innovative idea to add some innovative quotations to the bookmark. The quotation may be about the perks of reading or some motivational quote. Moreover, one can also write some refreshing greetings like, “Hello!”, “Read from here!”, “Good-bye!” etc. therefore, anything that makes the readers happy and motivates them to read more may be written on the bookmark. Hence, there are several bookmark printing options available.

Play with shapes:

One may decide which shape to give to the bookmark. There are regular rectangular shapes. But, in addition to these, one may get creative and choose another form for the bookmark. Thus, anything that brings innovation can be done.

Use bright colours:

It is best to use bright colours for the formation of bookmarks. This colour choice is because a bright colour will make the bookmark prominent between the pages. Furthermore, bright colours are also refreshing as they lighten up the person’s mood and provide them with a new spirit to read further from where one left.

Create a bond with the reader:

Books are the best partner of a person. They never let anyone feel alone. Therefore, when a person reads a book, a bond is created between him and the book. A bookmark helps to strengthen this bond and adds value to the book. Therefore, the reader may use personalized bookmarks to strengthen this tie with the book.

Make a reading culture:

Bookmarks help create a reading culture. They generate a joy of reading in the people and therefore motivate them to start reading a book. In today’s day of technology and advancement, it is essential to revive the reading habit from a book. Although one finds all books from the internet and can read them from screens, it is vital to develop reading exercise from the book. Otherwise, there will be a time when all the books will be available online, but none will be found in print form.

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