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Top 10 Men’s kurta Designs in India 2021

Kurta for men

Traditional outfits are the primary marker of diversity that India has. People speak different languages and wear clothes of varied types. They have a prominent diversification. Every state in India has its kind of traditional outfits. Our outfits do play a major role in defining our personalities and which place we belong to.

Once the Pandemic situation subsides in our country and worldwide. I am sure all you would want is to make your meetups and events better by being in your best attire. So, why not keep your kurta designs handy for the upcoming events already? It is invariably a good idea to move away from your monotonous collection of clothes and get your hands on the best kurta designs for men.
Kurta for men is one of the most sought-after outfits in Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, and etc.

In case you are thinking that your kurta can just serve the purpose of special occasions and cannot be worn on regular days, then it is a myth. People wear kurtas in their everyday lives in many parts of India and the World. Therefore, it is crucial to keep a collection in hand for the times when you need to stand out in the crowd.

There are certain points you should keep in mind before purchasing kurtas online, as listed below:

  • For buying kurtas online, the first thing you should keep a check on is how genuine the website is.
  • Once you are done checking the websites, look at the size charts that are provided for men’s kurtas online coon a particular platform.
  • Since you are buying it online, it is mandatory to check the exchange/return policy. Just in case if you don’t think the fit is properly done.
  • The last and the most important point is to pick up a piece that you will feel like wearing time and again. Make sure that this one is your go-to kurta for the season.

Now let’s have a look at the top 10 kurta designs that you can slay in 2021, mentioned as follows:

  1. Plain Cotton Kurta: This is your go-to cotton kurta. In the extreme heat of India, this is an option that would provide you insulation thereby cooling your body.
  • Denim Kurta: Up your style quotient with the denim kurtas and pair it with a simple white pajama to bring in the best possible look.
  • Floral Print Kurta: Floral prints are currently the talk of the town. It is simple and eloquent enough to impart a style to your outfit like never before.
  • Pathani Kurta: These are the kurtas, all men should own. The kurtas are stylish and give a royal look to your attire.
  • Khadi Kurta: It is a type of cotton. Specialized kurtas and other garments are often made out of this particular fabric in India.
  • Chikankari Kurta: Also known as Lucknowi Chikankari, it is made out of intricate designs by a thread in the entire outfit.
  • Embroidered Kurta: It is designed in many ways to give it an attractive look, especially for weddings or events like engagements, etc.
  • Silk Kurta: Long kurta for men can be found in a silky texture. You can wear it with an overcoat in a variety of designs in the winter season.
  • Linen Kurta: If you are looking for something extraordinary and a short kurta, then this is the right pick for you.
  1. Sherwani Kurta: Sherwani has been known as the outfit for weddings or anniversary celebrations. Go for this pick if you want something glamorous this season.

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