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Simple Steps On How To Do Custom Printing On T-Shirts

Whether you are on a mission of promoting a new brand or want to gift similar apparel to your loved one at a family reunion, getting a printed custom t-shirt is the best choice. Probably, you own a large collection of tees, but there will always be room for more extended tees.

Why not make your tees fill up the wardrobe? Not everyone knows about creating custom t-shirts. So, here is the step to step guide for printing which includes discovering the budget, quantity, choosing a method, and picking up the perfect fabric. Let us start with the step to step procedure to get your new custom printed t-shirt on your own!

1. Getting the design

Now suppose you have decided to go for printing custom t shirts Toronto, the first thing that is required is the design. A great design will be required to get your job done. As a whole, the printing of a custom t-shirt is not possible without a great design.

Picking up the specific design should be your storyteller, fit your brand or just be cool in appearance. It is only you who know what your custom t-shirt should describe about you or your brand.

Which is your target audience? Invest the time in creating the design that is capable of matching your brand’s identity. It can be in the form of a logo, slogan, or combo. 

One more thing that should be remembered is that the design needs to work with every t-shirt color you have chosen. The combination should go well so that it becomes clearly visible. This is the first step in picking up the design for your custom t-shirt that you will love.

Pick the right style, images, colors, and typography so that you will come up with the best result. It can be a tough job for beginners, so you can also take help from a professional designer.

2. Know about your budget and quantity 

Before getting deep into the printing process, you should be clear with the supposed quantity and budget. Any type of printing will cost you a less price per item when ordered in bulk. A smart plan, especially in the case of t-shirts!

In addition to quantity, the next thing to consider is the size specifications and the quantity of every size required. Taking an example of merchandise shirts, you should keep in mind that some sizes are more popular than others.

Keeping a broad range is always a good idea. Keeping your quantity and budget set is an essential step when shortening down your printing method. Some methods are also absolute for printing in bulk while others have a higher cost per shirt and are better for small orders. 

Observing the cost of t-shirt printing, printing a single t-shirt costs between the ranges of $15 -$30, and in the case of bulk orders, the cost gets reduced to $5-$10. Also, the prices vary depending on the printing technique that is being used, the quality, and the number of t-shirts. 

3. Picking up the Printing Method 

While deciding the right printing method for a custom t-shirt design, you will come across the cost differences, looks, production time, and materials. Let’s have a look at the important details with some popular printing techniques!

4. Screen Printing

Screen printing t-shirts are either made by hand or machine. Also, this specific method is the gold standard for the printing of custom T-shirts, allowing the bulk printing of apparel. This method has both pros and cons – it is reliable, affordable and suitable for large orders.

The drawback is that a new screen is always required for every new design revision. The process can be costly for some.

5. Vinyl Graphics 

Transfer printing is used for custom t-shirt printing. How it is better from screen printing is in terms of look and feel in the final result. Also, it is more durable than ink. Its bright colors and durable materials are best for t-shirt designs, but it is not a great option for bulk orders.

6. Getting a Printer

Now that you are set with the design, budget, and printing method, the next step is to find a printer. It is advised to search for all the possibilities to get the best one.

There is also dye sublimation printing Toronto which allows all-over graphic printing for your favorite apparel. For local printing, you need to request samples of actual and finished shirts instead of just design images.

The printer transforms the design into a real print and it gets revealed in the output product. Make sure to check out the reviews and ratings of customers before working with an online printing company. Also, make sure that you get your ready on time with the printer you are choosing to get the order on time.

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