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Popular Cosmetic Treatments in 2021

Cosmetic Treatments

After spending a stressful year indoors because of the corona pandemic, most people didn’t get the follow-ups from their aesthetic experts. However, times are changing now and as a vast majority in UAE is vaccinated, things are going back to normal. Even the number of people looking to get rhinoplasty in Dubai is once again on the rise. On this note, let’s take a look at some of the cosmetic procedures that are on the rise this year.

Laser Resurfacing Treatments

This year, people are more focused on improving the quality of their skin as it plays a direct role in one’s outlook. Treatments that can readily cater to a myriad of skin concerns are becoming popular now. Using laser resurfacing, skin experts can instantly address skin concerns such as pigmentation, acne, wrinkles, fine lines, and uneven skin texture.  

The main reason behind the popularity of these in-office treatments is the amazing results with minimum downtime.

Cosmetic Procedures

Radio-frequency Microneedling

Radio-Frequency Microneedling is a non-surgical treatment to treat ageing and sagging skin. It has climbed the chart of popularity this year because of its exceptional results. During this procedure, cosmetic experts make use of tiny needles to transmit radio frequency underneath the skin. 

Once these radio frequencies reach the target tissues, it stimulates collagen production, ultimately making the skin firmer again. The controlled injury of the skin due to the needles causes the production of new skin that gives the patient younger appeal. 

Regenerative Eye Enhancements

As we will be wearing masks for an indefinite amount of time, our eyes will become the centre of our face. Therefore, this year, a lot of people are opting for eye area rejuvenation. People are looking for natural-looking options that make the eye area appear better but in a natural way. Because of this reason, procedures such as Sublimax Eye Opener are becoming popular. This is a plasma treatment that removes extra tissues and loose skin around the eye area without any incisions. 

Another such treatment is the PRFM i.e., Platelet Rich Fibrin Matrix, It uses the body’s natural growth serum to make a plasma filler. This plasma filler is later injected into the sunken area beneath your eyes to treat the sunken appearance, undereye bags, dark circles, and even loose skin.

Natural Tweakments

It’s the era of flaunting natural looks. Most people want body tweakments that result in subtle changes. This is why natural tweakments are trending currently.

Therefore, techniques such as using sculpting injectables to reshape facial features is pretty popular. Injectables such as Kybella are being used for melting excess fat. However, the reason behind its popularity nowadays is the fact that most of us are working from home and the swelling caused by these treatments will go unnoticed.

Brow Lifts

Eyes aren’t complete without brows. Just like our eyes have gained prominence these days due to wearing masks, brows have also become a focal feature for any face. Lifted brows are forever trending and it opens up one’s face instantly. But instead of going for a prominent cat-esque look, people are more inclined to a fresher looking Bella Hadid type look. A dermatologist or aesthetic experts can easily help you achieve a natural-looking brow lift by using a mixture of Botox and fillers.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

People have always been careful about minding their nose. Be it their shape, texture or outlook; everyone is conscious about how their nose is. Because of this reason, nose job has always remained a popular choice among many cosmetic treatments. The only thing that has been putting people away from this treatment is the fact that it’s a surgical procedure. However, this concern does not remain relevant as with advancement in technology, non-surgical rhinoplasty is also available. 

Making use of different fillers and injectables, cosmetic surgeons can readily transform the shape of your nose without any incisions. Liquid nose jobs are a great way to achieve your desired nose shape without undergoing any surgery. This procedure allows you to change the shape of your nose subtly. 


Another skincare treatment that is trending this year is HydraFacial. It is a patent three-step procedure that can quickly transform the look of your skin. It deep-cleans, exfoliates, nourishes and hydrates the skin, making it radiant and younger-looking for some time. The amazing results that this treatment produces has led to its ever-increasing demand. You can now easily find HydraFacial in Dubai as well. 

Even though there are many cosmetic procedures that immediately improve the outlook of your skin, these are some of the procedures that are trending this year. So, book your appointment now at some well-reputed clinic and instantly transform your appearance.

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