Difference: 200 Hours and 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training

There are a lot of yoga courses and each course has its duration. Between 200 hours and 500 hours of yoga teacher training courses, the major difference is not in just the amount of hours you practice yoga. But there are a lot of other differences as well. Below is a complete guide about 200 hours and 500 hours of yoga teacher training. 

200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training:

If you are looking forward to becoming a professional yoga teacher, you will have to complete at least one 200 hours yoga teacher training course of any type. Without a 200 hours yoga teacher training course certification, you cannot teach yoga or join any yoga alliance. This course duration is the first thing that all yoga alliances demand if you want their membership. In this 200 hours of yoga teacher training course, you are spending your time learning about one or two different types of yoga or styles of yoga practice. This is a limited course, which does not allow you to learn about all the other topics outside the course scope.


The scope of this course is huge. This is a complete course in one type of yoga practice or one type of yoga. So, if you are looking forward to mastering one type of yoga practice. This is the course that you should choose. Apart from learning, you will also be able to teach this form of yoga practice to other people as well. You will not need any additional courses of short or long hours. You can just complete this course, get certified and build your yoga ashram or yoga studio. In this course, you do not only learn about the yoga practice and theory but also about how to set up your own business. 


The theory of the 200-hour course would be a main part of the course. This theory would include all the basics to advanced features of the yoga practice that you have chosen. Apart from this, it will also include other features such as how to practice, how to get in poses, and how to transition. Based on these, you can become a successful teacher. 

The completion of theory is very important because, without theory, the practice is just nothing. So, to gain all the benefits of yoga practice, you will need to complete the theory of your course as well. As you know, the 200 hours yoga teacher training course only focuses on one type of yoga practice. The theory will also be of one type in this course. 

Time of Practice:

In this course time of practice is 200 hours. That means you will have to complete 200 hours of yoga practice and theory. You will have to learn about all the ins and outs of the yoga poses. In these 200 hours, you will not just spend your time doing poses, but will also learn how to perfect other people’s poses. So that you can become ready as a teacher. 


  • After completing the course, you can become a yoga teacher. 
  • You will get certified, and your certification will be valid worldwide. 
  • You will be able to teach yoga to others. 

500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training:

A 500 hours yoga teacher training course is a long yoga course. It does not focus on one form of yoga practice. But on multiple types of yoga theories, philosophies, and practices. These types of courses are for the master class yoga experts. These courses are for people who have completed 200 hours of yoga courses. This next-level advanced yoga course can provide you with knowledge about everything that is a part of yoga. 


There are only a few people who have done these courses, and people who have done these courses are considered master class experts of yoga. So, if you pursue this course, you will also become a member of this elite yoga group. In this course, you learn about multiple styles of yoga practices. This allows you to identify the shortcomings and benefits of different yoga styles. So, you can modify them and create your special yoga style as well. 


The theory of these courses contains knowledge about the philosophy, and practice of multiple styles that practice in this course. This is different from the one theory that you study in previous courses. This is more advanced. 

Time of Practice:

It needs 500 hours of practice. This is enough for a person to become a master-level yoga practitioner in multiple styles. 


  • Enables you to teach as a master-level yoga expert.
  • Provides you insight into yoga theory and practice at a larger scale. 
  • Yoga can join any yoga alliance you want in the world.

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