Opting Car Service as a Profession

Car service

Car service profession includes jobs like diagnosing and repairing the vehicles quickly and accurately. There are many possibilities in this profession and it is a fruitful career for those who enjoy mechanical work. Here we have discussed the required qualifications and skills along with the salary and benefits you gain in this profession.  

Required Qualifications

To join a good car service company, one must achieve Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology, which prepares you to get a wide range of jobs.

The certificate IV in Mechanical Diagnosis will add to it, furthering your skills and providing in-depth knowledge about it.

Car service
Car service

Required skills

●    Polished Soft Skills

One of the most critical skills required in car servicing is dealing with customers. You need to take bookings, provide cost estimates to customers and negotiate with parts suppliers. So friendliness and courtship is a plus point. Handling unhappy customer’s complaints politely and diplomatically is undoubtedly essential.

●    Effective Communication Skills

Being a serviceman, you should communicate effectively with customers, explain recommended repairs, brief work mechanics, and manage repair schedules.

●    Good Comprehensive Skills

Must listen and understand what concerns customers and provide the best possible solutions. As a colleague, you must instantly realize the complicated terms related to repairs and convey the necessary details that they can understand.

●    Mechanical and Engineering Expertise

It is quite evident that to choose car service as a profession one needs to be quite knowledgeable. While repairing, ordering parts, or looking over complex documents, the technical aspects will come useful. After receiving the certificate, the learning will not stop; you will always need to learn in this ever-changing industry.

●    Patience and Attentiveness

 This job requires immense patience.  Late arrival of parts, repairs running behind schedules, customers changing mind about their service request, you need to keep your mind calm, and solve problems quickly without compensating attention.

Car service
Car service

●    Writing and Math’s Skills

Service advisors need to calculate and prepare the cost estimates, so good mathematical skills are essential for this job. You will also need to write out orders and invoices so writing skills go a long way.


The average salary of a car service professional is $31.75 per hour in Australia.

Some highest paying cities are:

❖ Perth – $41.41 / hour

❖ Kalgoorlie – $37.85 / hour

❖ Canberra – $36.24 / hour

❖ Sydney – $35.10 / hour

❖ Brisbane – $32.60 / hour

Benefits of Being a Car Service Professional

  1. Competitive payments and rapid growth of income – a beginner may get an offer of about $30,000. Average salary is $39,600. The professionals who master their niche can often earn six figures.

  2. New experiences in day-to-day work – They can have various jobs starting from the mechanical to the cars’ electrical system. This offers new challenges every day.

  3. Can be easily qualified for a job – It takes just two years for a student to get trained and get jobs. It is one of the coolest features in this field. Sometimes students can also get job offers while they are still in school.

  4. New explorations – Modern cars have high-tech computers installed. With these technologies, like back-up cameras, entertainment systems and pedestrian detection, automotive jobs have never been more focused.

  5. Satisfaction: The most significant benefit of opting this profession is the sense of satisfaction after each job is done. When the wheels go back on the road, it removes the customer’s worries and can feel that their car was in good hands. Bringing their lives back to normal is a beautiful feeling.

The automotive industry is booming, and this field requires highly skilled technicians who are passionate about cars, ready to set tracks back to the road. With the dedication to learn new things and the fire to take on new challenges, opting car service as a profession is an excellent career choice.

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