Keep Your Eyes Open When Buying a Children’s Trampoline


When choosing the right model, it can be helpful to take existing customer opinions into account, which can often be identified by stars or similar. If there is also a seal of approval or a guarantee on the desired trampoline, that is of course even better. When it comes to the gross vehicle weight, it is important to ensure that children or adults do not weigh too much and that the maximum number of people is observed when using it. The maximum load on a trampoline for children is a maximum of one hundred kilograms. In addition, trampolines do not always have to stand on their feet, they can also lie on the ground. According to the test, these trampolines are a little more expensive, but also safer.

Our bestselling high-tech trampolines usually also have special highlights that cheap trampolines cannot have, such as drainage holes. These direct the water away from the trampoline when it rains. Anyone who thinks that a trampoline without feet can withstand more weight is wrong. It is rather the other way around and therefore children under 36 months should not hop on such a trampoline.

The fact is, if you want a trampoline that impresses with individual features and therefore almost looks after itself, you should get a fixed unit for the garden. But if it is only for the children and should not be permanent, a cheap model is sufficient, as the test has shown. The trampoline surface is of different widths. Depending on the model, this can be up to four meters. The higher the quality the trampoline, the better the materials. Accordingly, children can rely on safe access, especially with the high-quality trampolines, as well as powder-coated poles, which can hold the jumping mat and all the individual parts together.


What makes a children’s trampoline so special?

Trampolines are extremely attractive to children. A trampoline is particularly good for jumping. The fun factor is guaranteed. Since the little ones use every opportunity to burn off their energy anyway, Best Trampoline for Kids comes in handy. And that’s just as well! Why? Not only is the game factor important, trampoline jumping is also extremely positive from a medical point of view.

The following are specially trained:

  • The sense of balance
  • The muscles
  • Motor skills
  • mobility

Because of this, it is advisable to start sporting activities such as these early on. Physiotherapy exercises are also carried out with a children’s trampoline to strengthen the joints. But walking exercises and the correct rolling of the foot can also be performed.

The biodiversity of the children’s trampoline

Trampolines for children come in many different designs, colors, designs and sizes. In addition, some models can be used for outdoor or indoor areas. Whether in the room, in the garden, or even while traveling, you create an opportunity for your child to let off steam.

Children’s trampolines as different versions:

  • Baby trampoline with handles
  • Mini trampolines ( with or without safety net )
  • Fitness trampolines
  • children’s inflatable trampolines
  • Garden trampolines

Except for the garden trampoline , all of them can be used indoors or outdoors. For the outdoor area it is only important that the material is UV and weather resistant. Usually, trampoline jumping applies from the age of 3 years. However, even younger jumpers can use baby trampolines with handles. The grip gives them the necessary security, so that they slowly develop more self-confidence. The trampolines mostly resemble animals and are particularly colorful. In addition, the springs of most models of children’s trampolines are covered with a padded protective layer, which protrudes up to the jumping net. This prevents jumping into the springs.

Mini trampolines

Some models can be excellent for children as well as for sports exercises for adults. The jumping flexibility is quite high and is often combined in use with other sports equipment. In this case, they are often declared as fitness trampolines. Devices only for children have a certain stability and adjustment of the springs, which are based on the children’s weights. Adults should then use them less or only make slight jumps so that the material is not damaged or torn. The height of such sports equipment is 20 to 40 cm with a diameter of around 90 to 130 cm. The devices can be purchased with or without a safety net. Safety nets prevent the little ones from jumping off the trampoline and injuring themselves.

Children’s inflatable trampoline

These inspire the very little jumpers. They are very inexpensive and completely free of any solid objects that the little ones could bump into. The construction is particularly light and is suitable on land as well as on water. Since they take up little space without air and when folded up, you can definitely take them with you on vacation or with your grandparents.

Garden trampolines

The garden trampoline is the largest representative among the children’s trampolines. Larger and more daring jumps are possible on it, but stricter safety precautions are required. For children in particular, a net is recommended for such models, which prevents the little ones from getting out of the jumping zone. In addition, some models can be dug a little into the ground to increase stability and adapt the jumping flexibility to suit children. Depending on the age and size of the child, the height and jumping power can then be changed again.

They are available in many different sizes. The diameter is between 240 and 490 cm and the height is 80 to 100 cm. Since they are mainly used outdoors, they are made of weatherproof UV and water-resistant material, which increases the lifespan of the sports equipment.

Popular manufacturers of children’s trampoline

There are many different brands of children’s trampolines on the market. It doesn’t always have to be a specific brand. Even no-name products convince in many test reports and are recognized as test winners. Those who prefer to fall back on well-known brands can take a clever look at the list provided.

Children’s trampoline – well-known manufacturer

  • Bellicon
  • Hudora
  • Ultra sport
  • Mountain trampoline
  • Sport-Thieme
  • Bertoys
  • Trimlin
  • Eurotramp
  • Traffic light 24
  • Izzy
  • Advendise

Conclusion – with big leaps through life

A children’s trampoline is ideal for the young generation. It not only brings children together and serves as a fun activity, but also provides the health aspect at the same time. Motor skills, joints and muscles are built up and promoted. However, everyone should observe the given safety instructions for use. The children should also always step on the trampoline within sight and under the supervision of their parents.

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