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Made with a premium cross-cut tobacco blend of rich and mellow Burley strains, Sir Walter Raleigh is smooth and aromatic. A noteworthy name in pipe tobacco, this brand has been around for almost 100 years! With a loyal following of smokers across America, Sir Walter Raleigh Tobacco is both time-tested and smoker approved.

Below, we’ll take you on a tour of the Sir Walter Raleigh brand. Not only will we discuss its rich history, but we’ll also go over where to buy it for cheap. As such, the next time you stuff your pipe with Sir Walter Raleigh Tobacco, you can truly appreciate every puff.

History of Sir Walter Raleigh Tobacco

Sir Walter Raleigh gained well-deserved acclaim for bringing tobacco to England from the Americas. He was a traveler, adventurer, and lover of American tobacco. In fact, he might just be the original tobacco enthusiast!

As the legend goes, tobacco smoking wasn’t practiced among the English when Raleigh tried it out for the first time. Consequently, when one of his servants saw him smoking, he thought poor Sir Walter Raleigh was on fire. As a result, he doused him in water.

You see, back then pipe tobacco was mainly smoked by the Native Americans. This means that Walter Raleigh had a pioneering spirit. To that effect, he brought tobacco back to England with him, and the rest is history.

Premium Pipe Stuffing Tobacco

As a premium pipe tobacco, Sir Walter Raleigh’s blends come perfectly moistened and ready for smoking. Additionally, you can choose from Original and Aromatic blends.

Both blends have been carefully cultivated with strains that originated in 1585! Ideal for pipes, this tobacco is relaxing, delicious, and rich in flavorful history.

Aromatic and Original Blends

Sir Walter Raleigh Tobacco is just as original and bold as the man it’s named for. With hints of anise, sweet molasses, and rich chocolatey undertones, this pipe tobacco blend stands out. Therefore, pipe smokers who want a taste of true Virginian tobacco will appreciate Sir Walter Raleigh’s Aromatic blend. For a smooth and satisfying smoke, the Original blend is ideal.

The Aromatic blend is perfectly rich, slightly sweet, and masterfully mild. In addition to this, it offers an enticing aroma and lingering notes of mellow Virginia and Burley tobacco. Alternatively, the Original blend is made with pure Burley tobacco. This all-original cross-cut blend is mildly aromatic, comfortable to smoke, soul-satisfying, and mouth-watering.

Ideal for All Pipe Smokers

Sir Walter Raleigh Tobacco is the original pipe smoking blend. Therefore, if you’re looking for pipe tobacco with tempting aromas and satisfying flavors, this is a fantastic option.

Optimized for pipes, this tobacco comes in pouches and canisters that keep it fresh and smokable to the last pinch.

To smoke this tobacco, first, start with a clean tobacco pipe. Next, carefully pack the bowl of your pipe in thirds with one delicately moistened pinch at a time. Then, do a false light and evenly divide the ashes. Finally, you can officially light up and enjoy a rich and full-bodied smoke.

Try It Yourself Easily

It’s easy to purchase Sir Walter Raleigh Tobacco online. In fact, all you have to do is click the link! Then, you’ll be taken directly to a reliable online tobacco shop that sells premium Sir Walter Raleigh blends at low prices.

Remember, when you buy in bulk, you can save even more on this fine and flavorful pipe tobacco through wholesale discounts. Plus, qualifying purchases receive free nationwide shipping. Truly, if you haven’t yet tried this premium tobacco, you’re missing out.

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