A Shot Glass Is Not Enough When Many Friends Are Coming

Shot glass

The best shot glasses in comparison

As an aperitif or after a substantial meal, a schnapps can increase well-being if the high percentage alcohol is consumed in moderation.

What is a shot glass and what is the difference between shot glasses and conventional glasses?

Shot glasses are not only made by well-known manufacturers such as Ritzenhoff, Riedel or Arcoroc, but also by other manufacturers. If shot glasses are to be used commercially, they are marked with a filling line. Manufacturers such as Ritzenhoff or Riedelstellen, among others, produce high-quality glasses with filling lines so that guests in restaurants can always check whether the desired filling quantity has also been poured into the shot glass. The filling line is therefore always required by law for a commercially used shot glass. In private use, the filling line is only used for voluntary self-control and is often perceived as annoying.

How I made the selection for my shot glass test 2017 and tested the different shot glasses

In order to be able to find a suitable selection of shot glasses, I paid attention to the most diverse criteria. They shouldn’t be overly expensive, but should be eye-catching or quite plain, depending on the purpose. I got ideas online, from friends and from specialist shops. I then checked each of the glasses for form and function so that I could make an appropriate statement

What must be considered when buying a shot glass

When choosing shot glasses, it is particularly important to me that the glasses can be cleaned in the dishwasher when many friends come to visit. I also find it interesting when the glasses can be frozen so that special alcohol specialties can be drunk from the respective schnapps glass. Personally, I prefer sturdy and robust shot glasses that can withstand a small fall. I have already seen several times that at big celebrations, when many people drink alcohol, glasses are broken every now and then when the evening was a bit advanced. After that, I was sure that I would never be satisfied with one variant of shot glasses.

My personal shot glass test 2017

1. Rosendahl 25357 Grand Cru shot glass, 6 pieces, 4 cl

The Rosendahl company manufactures high-quality products for the dining and cooking areas. It was founded in Denmark in 1984. The style is therefore simple and noble.

Advantages :

– good price / performance ratio
– attractive appearance
– high-quality workmanship
– thick glass bottom, therefore “pre-cooling” is also possible
– made of lead-free clear glass
– dishwasher-safe

Cons :

– no filling line (cannot be used commercially)

Conclusion :

The Grand Cru shot glass from Rosendahl has a modern and simple design. It suits every facility and occasion. They are robustly manufactured and do not have to be washed by hand. The shot glasses are sold in packs of 6.

Product details :

– Size: 5 cm x 5 cm x 7 cm
– Weight: 118 grams
– dishwasher safe: yes

2. Leonardo 019991 Stamper Cheers 6-piece set

A shot glass from Leonardo usually always looks high quality without being too expensive. It is the same with the shot glass series Cheers by Leonardo.

benefits :

– very good price / performance ratio
– modern, attractive appearance
– thick ice floor
– lie comfortably in the hand
– suitable for every occasion

disadvantage :

– cannot be used commercially (no filling line)

Conclusion :

Shot glasses like the shot glass series Cheers by Leonardo are not only welcome in every household, they are also always a tasteful gift.

Product details :

– size: 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm
– weight: 100 grams
– dishwasher safe: yes

3. Gibson Gear GS-LGSHOT Shot Glass Set with Gibson Logo

The shot glass set Gibson Gear GS-LGSHOT Shot with Gibson logo is a “must” for Gibson fans.

Advantages :

– attractive fan article
– high quality processed

Cons :

– quite high purchase price
– for non-Gibson fans the shot glass set looks rather out of place

Conclusion :

The Gibson shot glass set is very popular with Gibson fans and is also often given away. The shot glasses are rather unsuitable for private use by non-fans, as they are quite expensive and not exactly neutral. A simple glass from Ritzenhoff would be the better choice. High quality glasses from Ritzenhoff wouldn’t be more expensive either.

Product details :

– Size: 11.4 cm x 10.2 cm x 10.2 cm
– Weight: 295 grams
– dishwasher safe: yes

4. Kikkerland GL06 Shot Glass Skull in a set of 4

The shot glass set Skull from Kikkerland is more of a gadget. The shot glasses are welcome as a gift or at relevant skull parties, but not at home, at the festive table or at celebrations.

benefits :

– unique skull
look – dishwasher safe

Cons :

– poorly processed
– the shot glasses are by no means suitable for all occasions
– the shot glass set is too expensive due to the poor workmanship and the limited possibilities for use

Conclusion :

Anyone who likes to drink from a shot glass that looks like a skull will be delighted with the shot glass set. For all other connoisseurs, it is more of a gadget.

Product details :

– Size: 5.1 cm x 22.2 cm x 0.6 cm
– Weight: 227 grams
– Dishwasher safe: yes

5. Schott Zwiesel 101342 shot glass, glass, transparent, 6 units

Schott Zwiesel is known for high quality glass, as are Ritzenhoff, Riedel and Arcoroc. The shot glasses of this series are simply designed and visually appealing.

Advantages :

– the shot glass series fits anytime and anywhere (also as a gift)
– heavy and robust design (almost like Ritzenhoff)
– thick glass bottom, ensures good cooling when the glass is pre-cooled

Cons :

– rather poor price / performance ratio
– no fill line (therefore no commercial use possible)

Conclusion :

The shot glass series by Schott Zwiesel is simple and appealing. It fits every occasion and every household. Unfortunately, the purchase price for the shot glasses is quite high.

Product details :

– Size: 16.3 cm x 11.6 cm x 11.4 cm
– Weight: 136 grams
– Dishwasher safe: yes

My personal selection in my shot glass test 2017

Comparative winner: Rosendahl 25357 Grand Cru shot glass, 6 pieces, 4 cl

The design of the shot glasses by Rosendahl shows that the shot glass set actually comes from Denmark. Simple elegance paired with high quality workmanship. In this case it is more of an advantage that there is no filling line. At first glance, a quick viewer could believe that the shot glass set comes from Ritzenhoff. I am really impressed by the good price / performance ratio, the design and the attractive appearance in my test, so I chose the shot glass set as the comparison winner.

Price-performance winner: Leonardo 019991 Stamper Cheers 6-piece set

The Cheers shot glass set actually has no disadvantages compared to the Rosendahl set, it is just a little cheaper. This fact made it easier for me to choose the price-performance winner. Otherwise the decision would have been even more difficult. I am of the opinion that guest sets are basically very comparable in terms of their attractive design, price and quality. Therefore, you should always choose the shot glass set that best suits your own furnishings, your individual, personal taste and the planned use.

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