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Melamine Sheets for Furniture and Cabinet


When it comes to furniture making, melamine sheets are the best option. A Melamine sheet is a thermosetting plastic resin which is applied on the metal boards, and the materials are passed through heat treatment to harden the resin. These sheets contain formaldehyde or carcinogenic substance. sheets are available in different shapes, colors, and thicknesses. It is very difficult to work with these types of sheets, and also one needs to use some conventional table saws to cut and customize these sheets.

How to produce products with the melamine sheets?

You can find different types of large manufacturing units using some expensive CNC machines which are controlled and operated by CAD programs. These machines have different types of cutter heads, and they insert some router bits in their machines to design the melamine sheets. Apart from that, the CAD program can obtain accurate design, and fabricators can easily develop their products with the same designs. They can use the melamine sheets in their fabrication process, and they can place a single CNC blade or machine to cut, reshape, and drill the melamine sheets. In this way, they can develop melamine products such as furniture, cabinets, and appliances with accuracy.


  • Apart from that, some small commercial shops also use saws with dual blades to cut the melamine sheets. These blades are known as scoring blades. One is used as a secondary blade which is placed in front of the main blade. So during the cutting process, the first blade can prevent the chipping from bottom of the sheets and the second blade can cut the sheets from the opposite direction. These handyman machines are operated by small motor and belt drives.
  • Even people can also use the ATB saw blades to cut the melamine sheets. With these blades, they can also cut plywood and other veneered products.
  • It is really very difficult to handle the heated resin during the cutting and fabrication process of the sheets. So it is suggested to wear some gloves and procure all safety measures during this process. If you purchase the melamine sheets from a retail store, then you can find them with trimmed edges, but still, these jagged edges remain very sharp, and they can injure your hand and other body parts. So you need to take all safety measures.

Why would you use melamine furniture?


Bathroom and kitchen are the wet areas in your house and when you use plywood cabinets in those areas, the cabinets will get affected by wear and tear very soon. Then you need to spend a huge amount of money to renovate your cabinets. So to avoid such problems, you can choose some melamine cabinets for your kitchen and bathroom. People always complain that melamine sheets are very fragile, and they can easily get affected by heat, most and dust. Apart from that, melamine smells musty, and doors, drawers, and shelves made of these melamine sheets cannot provide better longevity. Lastly, melamine furniture cannot be customized as per the needs of customers. But today, you have ample choice, and you can find some reputed melamine sheet manufacturing stores in your nearby areas. You can also customize your melamine furniture and if you choose the best quality sheets with proper thickness then you can prevent these problems.

We are stronger, durable and they can provide you better longevity than plywood. So choose the best quality melamine sheets for your home furnishing, and for more details you can contact with your nearest melamine fabrication stores.

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