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The lock is jammed – what to do?

The lock is jammed - what to do?

Door locks are exposed to great stresses in everyday life. For this reason, a jammed lock that no longer releases the door as requested is not uncommon. But what needs to be done as a handyman to solve this problem efficiently and cost-effectively?

The first analysis of why the lock is jammed

In any case, it is advisable to take a close look at the situation. What are the realistic reasons for explaining the locking lock?

A first try often helps to get to the bottom of the matter. First of all, it is possible to reduce the tension in the lock by pulling the doorknob. This often makes it possible to move the tilted reluctant release mechanism. Old oil can also be a reason why the function of the lock has already failed.

Care should be taken when handling the key. If too much force is exerted on the thin metal, there is a risk of the beard breaking off. A repair is no longer possible at least for house and apartment door keys. Here is the article that takes a closer look at this phenomenon.

Problems with a wooden door

With wooden doors in particular, there are a number of other reasons that can be responsible for the fact that the lock cannot be moved as desired. This includes, for example, the influence of the weather, which can be felt very quickly on a front door. For example, if there is a temperature fluctuation, the wood can warp significantly within a few hours.

As a result, the situation in the lock is also shifted by a few millimeters, which unfortunately makes it impossible to open the door to the desired extent. Here it can be worth waiting for the weather to improve. For example, while the lock is difficult to open in warm temperatures, it is easy to open the door again in just a few weeks.

When is the exchange necessary?

Of course, replacing the lock is also an option that a handyman will quickly consider in his personal case. However, it depends on the model how easy such an intervention can actually be done.

While professionals, such as carpenters, can handle the exchange in a few minutes, it often takes a little longer for the first execution before the desired result is finally achieved. Within an hour, however, it should be possible to carry out the exchange with a flat lever and the appropriate screwdriver .

However, the material costs that are always associated with the exchange must be considered. In the end, the price depends in particular on the security technology installed in the lock.

If you want to strive for a good price / performance ratio, you should definitely not consider the cheap category on the market. Often these are locks that can be picked up by a burglar with little effort. It is therefore important not to save in the wrong place.

If there is a problem with the lock that can be relatively easily eliminated by an expert, the engagement of a locksmith can also be worthwhile. The latter is often able to release the stalled lock without compensating it. The material costs saved have to be offset against the locksmith’s margin, which is also due.

Possible tools

A locking lock is often a difference of a fraction of a millimeter. It is advisable not to overcome these by using raw forces alone. It is better to consider a number of aids that can even provide lasting relief.

This includes, for example, a simple silicone spray, which increases the sliding properties of the individual elements of the lock. In many cases, it is possible to deal with the problematic tensions enough to finally open the lock .

Alternatively, it is possible to use graphite powder . This shows the advantage that the product can be found in practically every well-stocked hardware store. The powder itself is very fine-grained and therefore slips even into small gaps between the individual elements.

It is also able to remedy this in an apparently hopeless situation. The cost of this experiment, which may save you having to replace the entire castle, is around six euros.

By trying to succeed

A stuck door lock can therefore have many causes. It is all the more important not to decide too quickly about the exchange despite your own aspirations as a handyman. With the help of small tricks and aids, it is often already possible to eliminate the problem.

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